You’ll pee in your pants knowing the background of this photo

Nowadays, with digital cameras and smartphones, it’s easy to know how our picture will turn out to be with our digital screen showing the images real-time.

For the benefit of those who are too young to have seen a film camera, here’s how it works: you take a large-ass camera (about the size of a hole-puncher), take a picture without knowing how it looks like except through a see-through lens, bring the film to a shop for them to develop and receive the photos a few days later.

It’s always exciting to see what kind of photos you’ve taken—every photo would count since there’s a limit of how many photos a film can take. And what if one day, you move into a new house, take a picture and see this:


Taken in the 1950s by a family only known as the Copper family in Texas (USA), they have just moved into a new house and did not remember seeing that hanging body on the picture.

Do remember that it was in the 1950s, when digital photos did not exist and obviously, no Photoshop existed. “Experts” have examined the image and determined that it was genuine.

Up till today, it was still deemed as the most chilling photo to emerge, and there have been no logical explanation to this.

The only two theories are that firstly, the film could have been one that is reused, so to some extent, the “old” image merged with the new image while developing, therefore creating this illusion.

The second theory is that the photographer was merely dangling something, presumably a doll, nearby so as to get the children to look at the camera.

With it so close to the camera, it would appear large. However, some people have rejected that theory, claiming that the shadow of the hanging body clearly shows that the body was life-size.

And of course, there’s the last theory: that the house was haunted.

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