Your hair is damaged simply because you’ve been washing it the wrong way


You’ve been watching the models and superstars on TV and magazines, and you’re wondering how they got their hair so shiny and lustrous while your hair is frizzled and dry.

Well, if you’ve been contemplating on saving up for a treatment at the hair salon, chill, relax first! You may have been washing your hair the wrong way for your entire life. Now, try to wash your hair the correct method and you’ll probably see results within the first month!

Most of us probably washed our hair this way: Rinse it thoroughly, lather with shampoo, wash off then put conditioner, right? It seemed as though that’s the usual way people usually wash their hair, but apparently, what many of us thought is right might not be so right after all.

Did you do the same thing? Here’s the correct way to wash your hair to give it that lustrous and shine that you’ve long envied on the heads of other girls.

Rinse thoroughly with hot water
The hot water helps to open to the cuticle which can assist in getting any dirt off the head. It also doesn’t hurt that having hot water run through your hair is the most relaxing sensation you can find in the bathroom.

Use conditioner first if you have hair that’s past shoulders
The ends of your hair (beneath the shoulders) are usually more fragile. Protect them by running a bit of conditioner through them before rinsing and commencing with shampooing. It also helps to bring moisture into the air and give it that extra shine that you love so much.

Lather up at the scalp
Unlike what we usually do, you don’t have to lather up at the ends. Instead, lather at the scalp, particularly the nape area starting from roots to ends. Be sure not to use too much shampoo as that’ll spoil your hair too.

Be gentle when applying shampoo
Yes, you have that terrible itch on your scalp that’s been bothering you since before you knocked off work. That doesn’t mean you can go on a scratching frenzy on your scalp. It’ll damage your hair cuticles as well, and lead to frizz and breakages.


Once is enough
Whether the label on the bottle instructed you to or not, don’t wash your hair twice or it’ll do more harm than good.

Conditioner should be placed from mid-length to the tip
Remember to squeeze water from your hair before putting on the conditioner. Leave the conditioner to be the last part to be rinsed off. The longer it stays on your hair, the more moisture your hair absorbs.

End off with a cold water rinse
It’s tempting to use warm water after the shower but here’s why you shouldn’t do so. Cold water will help to seal off your cuticles tight and help your hair retain that shine that you’ve always wanted.

So, use this method to shower and chances are you’ll get equally shiny and lustrous hair by the end of the month.

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