Your height can reveal a lot about you!


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:55 pm

While you are not in control of your height, your height can still say a lot about you simply because it affects how people treat you. And to a certain extent, how people treat you affects your personality.

Of course, for the large part of the population who looks just like anyone else, height is unlikely to play any significant role in shaping your personality. However, if you belong in the extreme ends, then it can really make a difference.

The tall man
We’re not sure why, but people do generally give a tall man more respect even before he has a chance to prove his worth. Research shows that most people think that a tall man is smarter and more capable. When we start giving assumptions like that we tend to give him the benefit of doubt, and hence a tall man will realise that everyone expects the best from him. As a result, he is pressured to live up to the expectations, and he works harder, making tall men more successful in life.

The short man
The short man syndrome is all about the way a short man feels like he have to work double hard to get noticed. In their pursuit to be recognised, they may end up being labeled as rude, arrogant or self-centered. It is because they work doubly hard, many short people have made it to the top of the careers field, so being short might actually be a blessing in disguise!

The tall woman
Many tall women actually find it a curse, due to the social expectations of a man being taller in a couple or that they simple don’t feel feminine when the tower above everyone else. Such that many taller women have developed bad posture due to slouching in an attempt to look smaller and are often low in the self-esteem department.

The small woman
When it comes to small women, many complain that they are not being treated seriously or being treated like kids. They find other women not listening to their opinions and men treating her like a precious little thing rather than a women with her own feelings. She’ll work doubly hard to stand out and be loud, and give others the impression of being outspoken and feisty.


With that said, why our height can reveal our personality is because we allowed ourselves to be affected by how others view us! So, the best way forward is to be confident and use your height to your advantage. Screw social expectations!

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