Your jaw will drop when you see how this KL “newbie” drove. And take note of the bear behind.

If you’ve got enough of your driving instructors, here’s one way to show them the middle finger.

And of course, to release some stress.

Find a friend who can drift a car like a boss. Contact the driving instructor. Get your friend to learn driving from him. Dress in a way that will shout, “Hey, I’m a newbie, please don’t bite”. Start slow by stalling your engine. Then try again.

And start revving the engine to the red line and then…drift.

What would be the instructors’ reactions? According to this splendidly done video, they’ll scream, cover their face or just be so frightened that they could have just wetted their pants.

Now, this is the wet dreams of every driving student.

Just…watch. And this is not too far from where you stay: it’s in KL (we think so since we saw some KL cars there), so a few driving instructors who are merely a bus ride away have just wetted their pants. Like, literally.