Your mIRC nick long, long ago could determine your personality now!

If you’re old enough like me, you’ll have remembered mIRC: an Internet chat program that every Tom, Dick and Harry used to have back then in the late 1990s to the early 2000s. People usually use a nickname and stuck to it so that others can know who they were.

And back then, the nicknames were often the same. What was yours then?

Your name without your surname (e.g. AhBeng)
Let’s say your name is Tan Ah Beng, and your nickname is AhBeng. Well, if so, you’re a pretty sincere person who has nothing to hide online. By now, in 2015, you should have  a Facebook profile that is pretty much “wall-less” since you shouldn’t post much things online.

Your full name (e.g. TanAhBeng)
If you use TanAhBeng, then you’re a little insecure, yet a very honest person online. You simply just want the world to know that TanAhBeng = Tan Ah Beng—nothing else.

Gender + Age (e.g. Boi17)
A very common nickname, you’re an attractive person who has good luck with people of the opposite gender. If you’re a man, you’re manly and if you’re a female, you’re feminine (WTF am I saying?). You should now be a happily attached person, right?

Animal + Age (e.g. Lion14)
You’re a unique individual with your own style, and belong to the arts industry. You’ve got good fashion sense and often stand out from the rest. Are you an artist or writer now?

Nicknames with many punctuation marks (Bo!B0!14)
You’re expressive, and like to use language that are uniquely yours. Sometimes, you can be a little loud, but you’re very likeable and most importantly, you’re a good friend to many.

Never a fixed nickname
You’re a mysterious person who prefers to keep your life private. You’re also a quiet person in front of strangers. Because of that, people tend to be attracted to you to find out more about you.

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