Mobile Line Got Cut Off Due To Late Payment? Do THIS (Calling Starhub Hotline??)


Last Updated on 2020-02-17 , 9:07 pm

I’m pretty sure that everyone will have met with this situation at least once in their life, getting their mobile line cut off. You might have forgotten to pay your bills, or your finances might be pretty tight this month. Whichever the reason, this is what you can do to get your line back within an hour. I’m going to write in the perspective of a Singtel user because that’s what we’ve tried, but the content of the article remains relevant to M1 and Starhub users as well. First thing to do is always call your mobile provider hotline, be it the Starhub hotline or the Singtel one.

Disclaimer: We’re not encouraging anyone to bang table here, but in times of real emergency where you can’t remain uncontactable, you can use this to get your mobile line reconnected within an hour.

How do you know your line gets cut off?

This can happen without warning, and sometimes, your line might have been cut off for a few hours before you even realize something’s wrong. When your mobile line gets cut off, the first thing you’re going to notice is a lack of internet access. Attempt to make a call from your mobile, and if your mobile line is cut off, you’re going to get a voice message telling you that.

The first thing you should do is to call Singtel…from your mobile phone.

The first reaction we’re going to have is to call 1688, and most people will look around for a public phone. Don’t do that. We’ve tried it, and we realized that when your mobile line gets cut off, you can still call 1688 (Singtel’s hotline) from your phone.

Remember to be nice at first

While it’s tempting to give in to your frustration and vent it out at the customer service officers, don’t do it. Be nice, persuasive and try to portray yourself as a nice person. If the customer service officers like your voice, they’ll be more inclined to help you.

Negotiate a plan for payment

Most customer service officers will firmly ask you to pay your bills in full before they reconnect the line for you. If you’re unable to pay at the moment, attempt to negotiate for a payment plan that’s feasible for you. Emphasize that you really need the phone line to be reconnected immediately and remain consistent in all your answers. The operators want to know that you’re telling the truth before they commit themselves to helping you.


Escalate if the operators are unable to help

Customer Service Officers are the lowest in the call center, and sometimes even if they want to help, they’re unable to help you. Don’t say thank you and hang up, instead, request to be patched to the person who has the power to make decision and explain your situation.

Be firm and insist on having your way

We hate making a scene, but sometimes you just have to bang a few tables to get what you want. They might say they’ll need at least 24 hours to reconnect your line, but make noise and you’ll see your line back into operation within an hour.

And there you have it. So remember, before you lose your anger, try calling your mobile service provider first, be it the Singtel or Starhub hotline. You’ll be surprised what happens when you’re being nice and firm about things.

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