You’re unknowingly hurting your eyes with these 10 everyday habits

We know that reading books in the dark, staring at the laptop for too long or watching TV too close to the screen will damage our eyes. But what about these habits that you might not know of that could also hurt your eyes?

Not getting enough sleep
Eyes need at least 5 hours of rest. It ensures that your eyes get the replenishment they need in order to function better without causing any irritation or blurry visions.

Not wearing sunglasses
In hot sunny Singapore, everyone should be wearing sunglasses, just not indoors. The sunglasses will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays to prevent eye cataracts!

Overusing Eye drops
Overusing will eventually cause irritation. Experts recommend using it only for a short period of time because the purpose of the eye drops is only to make your eyes appear less red.

Other than causing lung problems, smoking poses a threat to our vision. Smoking can cause cataracts, dry eye syndrome and other eye diseases that can lead to vision loss!

Rubbing your eyes too often
I’m guilty of this, and I often get blurred vision after doing so. Rubbing our eyes excessively may cause blood vessels in the eyes to burst, as well as those under the eyelids.

Not eating a well-balanced diet
Not just eating carrots and vegetables, but ensuring your body has enough proteins and carbs. Drinking plenty of water is equally important!

Not taking care of Eye Makeup
Things like your mascara, eye shadow, and whatever else you put on your eyes. Make sure your brushes are cleaned regularly. Also take note of the products’ shelf life – discard them whenever the should be instead of keeping them because there’s still balance.

Putting on Fake Eyelashes
Artificial eyelashes collect a lot of dust and residue because they are not natural filters for our eyes. In fact, these lashes attract oil and bacteria which may cause an eye infection!

Swimming without Goggles
The chemicals in the pool’s water like chlorine will hurt your eyes after prolonged times of swimming. Reaction with these chemicals may result in temporary vision loss! So bear in mind to wear your goggles!

Reading while Travelling
In a moving bus, car whatever. The movements mean that your vision isn’t stabilised, your eyes have to constantly shift and adjust which results in straining of the eyes. Leave the books for better places!

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