You’ve Been Tying Your Shoes Wrongly; Tie it This Way & You’ll Never Have Blisters


Last Updated on 2022-10-04 , 12:09 pm

If you’re like me, or anyone else, you’ll have wondered what the last two holes of your sneakers are for, and why you often have blisters after a long walk.

Well, apparently, they’re correlated—and we’ve been tying our shoes the wrong way.

Known as the lace lock or heel lock, it’s a way to tie your shoelaces that uses the last two holes of your shoes, and hold your feet firmly into the shoe so that you’ll have less friction between your shoes and your feet.

Maybe that was what the first shoe manufacturer had wanted us to know, but due to the lack of Internet, this information wasn’t educated to enough people.

Now, with the Internet, you know how it all works.

How It Works:

What most of us do is cross our laces and tie a knot to secure our feet.


Turns out, that’s wrong.

Image: YouTube (Illumiseen)

Those extra holes at the side of the shoe are meant for you to slot the laces through and create “loops”.

Image: YouTube (Illumiseen)

Once you’ve done that on both sides, thread the opposite lace into its opposite hoop and sinch it downwards.

Image: YouTube (Illumiseen)

Make sure to pull downwards and not upwards! If not, the hoops will be left hanging around and easily loosened.


When it’s all nice and tight, you can continue to do as per usual and tie a knot.

Image: YouTube (Illumiseen)


Now, your feet are secured in your shoes.

Doing this trick also helps prevent your feet from jamming to the front of the shoe.

Bye-bye painful toes.

Time to accomplish that inner dream of being a track star.

You can watch this video to understand it better:

Featured Image: YouTube (Illumiseen)

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