Like using wet tissue? This might just shock you


Last Updated on 2017-05-07 , 1:17 pm

Wet tissues are so convenient that some of us have just grown so comfortable to using it. Mommies use it to clean the hands of their kids who are reluctant to wash their hands.

Adults use it to clean their hands when no toilets are nearby. And we use it for spring cleaning when we’re too lazy to rinse the rag in a pail of water. But is it really good for us? We’re no rocket scientists, but we can tell that wet tissues are laden with chemicals, some to make them smell good, others to kill bacteria and other baddies.

The chemicals might be useful and essential, but we know that they’re the kind that you won’t squeeze into your mouth. Ever. And when you clean your hands with wet tissue before you eat, you might very well ingest the very chemicals that you wouldn’t put into your mouth. It might not be a big issue for adults (though Goody Feed firmly believes that long term usage has negative consequences), it is certainly not okay with kids.

Adults wipe their children’s fingers with chemical laden wipes, kids suck the fingers laden by chemical wipes, kids get the chemicals in their body. Now that’s certainly what we don’t want as it can cause allergies or any other side effect to your kid. Generally, it is not a very good idea to leave chemicals on the skin for long periods of time. So while using wet tissues for emergency cleaning is okay, it is better to wash the area with running water to remove any chemicals that are left on the skin.

So, the next time you reach for that pack of wet tissue you have on you, remember this article and think for a couple of times before you decide if you really have to use wet tissue instead of normal tissues.

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