You’ve been eating apple the wrong way


Last Updated on 2023-05-09 , 11:39 am

You think this is for a five-year-old who just started to learn how to eat an apple? No, it’s for you, even if you’re fifty.

Apparently, if you want to, you should eat apple from the bottom to the top. The core is edible; only the seeds are not (although you can swallow them if you want to). The taste is somewhat different, but there’s, well, not a lot of core there, in fact.

In other words, Apple, the company that manufactures iPhone, has the wrong logo all along.

For some reason, because we’ve been eating it this way since we were a kid, we all stick with it. And once again, the Internet has done another good deed by educating us. Don’t believe? Just watch the video below (and buy some apples on your way home tonight).


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