10 best pizza places in S’pore that makes you feel like you’re in Italy

You love pizza, don’t you? I mean, who doesn’t right? Pizzas can really suit every occasion, be it at a fancy restaurant for your first date or a comfort food when you lounge in front of the TV after a long day at work.

Thankfully, Singapore has many options for all kinds of pizza varieties! Here are some pizza places that you can check out without getting a ticket to Italy!

Capri Trattoria and Pizzeria

Image: lifestyleasia.com

Located at 3 Binjai Park, alongside Bukit Timah, this pizzeria exerts a cosy Italian diner feel with inviting smells of freshly baked pizzas once you step in.

Their pizzas are all handmade, comes with generous sauces and ingredients while completing with a crispy crust. The chef mentioned that though experimenting with different doughs, ingredients, temperatures and waters for years, the pizzas in Singapore will always be different from those in Italy as the waters are different.

Nevertheless, the pizzas that they served are guaranteed to make you go back wanting for more.

Location: 3 Binjai Park, Singapore (589819)

Pizza Fabbrica

Image: sassysingapore.com

Designed to go for a minimalist and contemporary look, this Italian restaurant serves multiple options of pizzas ready for you to dine. With a see-through glass window overlooking the kitchen, you’ll be able to get full view of your pizzas getting freshly made.

The walls of the restaurants are also hung with huge signs of how-to charts on pairing beer and wine with food to complete your best Italian dining experience. Now you’ll know what to order!

Location: 70 Bussorah St, Singapore (199483)

La Pizzaiola

Image: quandoo.sg

Currently having two outlets in Singapore, La Pizzaiola is known for their flavourful pizzas. Although seemingly the same common ingredients of pizzas that other diners offer as well, this restaurant serves it with a touch of grandeur.

The concept of La Pizzaiola is to not forget the warm and cosy pizzeria that the founders frequently ate in Italy. They aim to serve pizzas that are delicious, affordable and unforgettable.

Location: http://www.lapizzaiola.com.sg/location

Motorino Pizza

Image: motorinopizza.com

Priding themselves as a New York pizzeria, the diner serves various pizza selections ranging from the classics to those you have never seen in other menus but would surely like to try.

Some of their pizzas include a cracked egg in the middle which is getting pretty popular in the pizza mania world. Having an egg in the middle of the pizza makes all the difference in your dining experience as the yolk helps to make the sauce thicker.

As if looking at yummy pizzas ain’t enough, you won’t miss out their huge mosaic wood-fired oven situated in the middle of the restaurant, ready to cook up some pizzas!

Location: Merchant’s Court #01-01A, 3A River Valley Rd, Singapore (179020)

Le Braceria Pizza & Grill

Image: drinksomewhere.com

A classy and elegant looking restaurant located alongside Greendale Avenue, this pizzeria offers a great range of selections for you to satisfy your cravings.

Can’t decide between two of their best-selling choices? Don’t worry! You can have the best of both worlds as they offer half-half pizzas as long as you choose those with similar sauce bases. Not convinced?

Well, here’s another nudge – this restaurant is actually the Italian Embassy’s choice for caterings! If they like it, I’m sure you would too.

What’s more, Le Braceria won the award of Ospitalia Italiana award for providing Italian cuisine and upholding the culture and lifestyle. This would surely make your travel there worthwhile, doesn’t it?

Location: 5 Greendale Ave, Singapore (289501)

La Forketta

Image: chope.co

You know this restaurant serves really good pizzas when even other chefs from the same pizza-making industry dine here.

Although slightly pricey (about $30 for a pizza), they pride themselves in being the best.

With two full pages of selections, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Using only the best ingredients, the chefs are frequently dishing out freshly baked pizzas, leading the whole restaurant to smell like pizza heaven.

Location: http://www.laforketta.com.sg/locations.htm


Image: singapore-tourist-info.com

You have to try this restaurant not just because it is widely known in the pizza industry, but because it is also Vera Pizza Napoletana certified!

Basically, it means that the pizzas are made with ingredients that follows a standardised list that is used in Naples! This is to ensure that the authenticity of Naploletana pizzas are intact.

Apart from the ingredients, they followed the strict rule of the certificate and bake their pizzas in the wood-fired oven. L’Operetta is sure to satisfy your pizza cravings, you’ll feel like you were in Italy!

Location: 78 Boat Quay, Singapore (049866)


Image: actually.sg

Themed with blue and white colours, the restaurant exerts a feeling of calm and serenity as you dine. Their pizzas are handmade with a crunchy crust and generous servings of ingredients topped on top.

Together with a nice ambience and the best quality pizzas, the whole experience is bound to bring you back again.

Location: 87 Club St, Singapore (069455)

Pizza Hut

Image: lilyrianitravelholic.blogspot.com

Known as every Singapore’s go-to for pizza, PizzaHut has been creating more options for their customers to choose from. Ranging from the different crusts to ingredients, they even have a category for their signatures!

Baked with a choice of multiple selections for sauces, their generous ingredients is what keeps many diners to keep going back. Bonus: because apart from having 25 over outlets in Singapore, they provide delivery too!

Location: http://www.pizzahut.com.sg/dine_in/locator/

Canadian Pizza

Image: sgfoodonfoot.com

Ok, after all the slightly pricey but super yummilicious Italian pizza, here’s one that is guaranteed to be affordable. Like its catchphrase, Canadian Pizza has a promotion that is never going to end.

Whenever you order a pizza, they’ll give you another pizza for free! With your preferred toppings of course. They also have combo meals for you to choose from.

If you’re too indecisive and don’t know which pizza to go for? Don’t worry, simply choose their pizza of the month!

Currently, they have one dine-in outlet at Jalan Kayu, but if you prefer not to travel, just pick up the phone, order and dine in the comfort of your own home!

Location: 248 Jln Kayu, Singapore (799472)

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