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According to a 2016 study, 62% of adults consume news content through digital platforms, with people between the age of 18 to 49 being the majority of the readers. Reaching these affluent target audience through traditional advertisement will only incur more cost.

With Singaporeans constantly changing how they consume their content, our solutions come with both articles and videos, via new media channels like social media and our native app.

Goody Feed, one of the largest online platforms in Singapore based on reach, can effectively reach out to these hard-to-reach market with minimum effort from you. Our massive reach of about 2 unique million Singaporeans (with more than 4.2 million pageviews) monthly will not only solve your problem instantly, but also save you more money: A study shows that online content marketing is three times more effective than traditional marketing, and cost 62% less.

Passing On Your Message Via Storytelling

Every organization has a message they want to share with the world. And usually, the problem isn’t the message, but getting said messages to the viewers.

Due to the younger generation’s need for relevancy, Goody Feed prides itself on getting our client’s message across to our viewers through entertainment, or what we call, stories that everyone can relate to.

It could be an important message, like the Police wanting more people to know more about scams in Singapore

Views for this video: 448,230 (and counting!)

It could be a campaign, like Pizza Hut wanting more people to know about their latest Christmas-themed pizza.

Views for this video: 263,697

It could be about a new product, like Bosch wanting more people to know about their Bosch Laser Range (which is really cool!).

Views for this video: 192,011

It could even be promo codes, because, you know, #influencer, like how Shopee want more people to use a promo code.

Views for this video: 178,623

Anything goes, really.

Simply tell us what you want to promote, and we provide the results for you based on our result-guaranteed policy.

As we treat each client with a high level of respect, a dedicated team of experienced experts in content marketing will be working with you, and they will put in 101% effort to ensure that your campaign is carried out in the most effective, efficient and simple manner. This is not just a promise; this is our principle.

Email us at [email protected] to find out more!

Our Reach

Our Facebook Pages have a wide reach of audiences, spread between Goody Feed Facebook Page (377,000 Likes), our affiliated Facebook Page, Low Kay Hwa Facebook Page (320,000 Likes) and Goody Feed TV Facebook Page (28,200 Likes).

Together, that is a potential organic reach of more than 718,200 readers with one post – not to mention shares that will reach out to even more people.

Other than Facebook, another 60% of our traffic comes from other digital platforms, including but not limited to our fast-growing Telegram channel, Mobile Application, Flipboard Magazine, Web Push Solutions, Mailing List, Twitter, Instagram, search engines and YouTube. To maximize the potential of our reach, all our sponsored contents will be pushed to these platforms as well for free.

How-It-Wotks With Singaporeans’ long working hours, delivering a message to them becomes a challenge, but with over 85% of our readers using a mobile device to access our contents, our solutions would ensure that you will not miss out on even the busiest executive.

According to a 2015 Nelsen report, the Asia-Pacific market (which includes Singapore) has the highest level of trust on content marketing, with 78% of readers getting a desired reaction from sponsored articles. In comparison, advertisements on social networks only generate 46% trust.

We will work with you to position your product /service as something important instead of subtly hard-selling your product / service like what other platforms usually do, because we “show” consumers why they should purchase your product / service instead of “tell” them to purchase it.

We don’t push your message to readers; instead, given a record of how we can make things viral, be it an article or a video, we pull readers to your message. We put in 101% effort to produce engaging, relatable and shareable content, which is why you see our content being shared so often: our readers love sharing them with their family and friends!

We don’t pray for virality—we create virality.

Our advertising solutions come with guaranteed views, because we believe in results.

Our clients include PR firms representing global conglomerates, MNCs and SMEs. Let us help you to bring your campaign to a whole new level. Contact us now at [email protected] to find out more!

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