10 Crazy but Legit Ways to Save Water Coz We Can Buy SO Many Things with 30%

The recent budget was quite an unexpected blow for many of us, with the sudden 30% increase in water prices. 30%! That’s an increase of 30 cents for every dollar we used to pay, and now for every 3 dollars we used to pay, we now need to give up a cup of kopi.

And the kopi probably gonna be more expensive also. Walao eh!

No worries, though. We’re here to help you save water (and therefore save money) in ways you never knew were possible. Because when it comes to saving money, you either go big or you go home.

1. Pee in the Shower

You were probably taught to flush every time you use the toilet, right? Unfortunately, flushing uses a lot of water, so use the toilet less, and pee in the shower instead. Flushing uses up to 4 litres every time, so just hold your pee until you need to take a shower.

2. Go to Your Friend’s Toilet

If you really can’t hold it anymore, make up an excuse to visit your friend/neighbour. This works best if you’re friends with your neighbour, or if one of your friends is your neighbour. You won’t waste any water flushing if you flush your friend’s toilet!

And oh, do remember to settle your big or small “business” in the office or school before going home.

3. Febreze Instead of Doing Laundry

Laundry uses water. So to save more water, do less laundry! Just keep wearing the same clothes, and spray some Febreze once it starts to stink a little. Bonus nostalgia from NS, for the NSmen among you. Laundry has never been easier/cheaper!

4. Shower with Your Clothes

If you really don’t want to use Febreze, just go into the shower wearing your dirty clothes! You can wash yourself and your dirty laundry at the same time, and you won’t even need the washing machine! Just make sure you don’t accidentally piss on your clothes (reminder: #1).

5. Refill Drinking Water in Restaurants

Instead of drinking tap water or boiling water at home, bring out every single bottle you own when you eat out. Request for ice water, and slowly refill your bottles! When the waiter gives you a weird look for the number of refills you’re requesting, just smile and say you drink a lot. Free water, yo!

And need I remind you to make sure you’ve got one full water bottle when you reach home?

6. Save The Vegetable Washing Water

When you cook at home, you can save the water you used to wash the vegetables, fruits, and whatever food. Wash your food in a large pot/bucket/pail, then use the water to either flush your toilet or water plants!

7. Pee in a Bottle to Water Plants

You can pee in a bottle, and use that to fertilize/water your plants. If they start to stink, just put the plants outside your home. This way, you won’t need to waste water on plants, and you get the advantages of owning plants (they’re… green? I’m not really sure what the advantages are, but at least you have them).

8. Shower less!

To save even more water on showering, just shower less! Perfume and deodorant are like febreze for your body. If you start to stink, just put more deodorant/perfume to cover it up. No need to shower so much! Did you know, people in the past used to shower once a week? #throwback

9. Put Bricks in Your Toilet

Most households have at least 1 flushing toilet bowl. The box-shaped part of the toilet bowl is a water tank, and you can drop a brick or a rock in there to save some water. The tank would store less water, and each flush would retain the pressure while using less water!

10. Collect Rainwater

Why pay the government for water, when God gives you water regularly? Thunderstorm in the afternoon? Free shower! Rain through the night? You’re all set for the next day! Use every bottle/pail/bucket/pot you have to collect Nature’s free gifts, and use the water for showers, watering plants, even consumption (once you filter and boil the water, of course).

If you look hard enough, there are many, many ways you can save water in your daily life. Remember, every litre of water you save, is money you could be spending on stuff you actually want to buy, like sweet drinks!

Disclaimer: We’re trying to be funny, though it might not be funny. If you’ve a degree in self-righteous online, we’re sorry that this has offended you.

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