10 Facts About the Latest Transformers Movie You Should Know Before Watching It

Are you excitedly waiting for the latest Transformers movie to make its way to Singapore? With robots that turn into cars, amazing acting and all that fast-paced action, who isn’t?!

While we wait excitedly for the movie to come to the cinemas in Singapore, here’s a little something to whet your appetite: 10 facts about the latest Transformers movie!

1. This will be director Michael Bay last Transformers movie

Image: slate.com

According to online reports, Michael Bay, who has been directing the last four Transformers movies, revealed that this will be his last, although Mark Wahlberg (the male lead) did mention not to believe everything he says, so who knows, right?

But that doesn’t mean there are no more movies in the Transformers franchise. In fact, he revealed something shocking in the same interview.

2. There are 14 More Transformers Movies in Development

Image: blog.riptapparel.com

Transformers fans, if you can’t get enough of Transformers, you don’t have to worry. Because they have another 14 movies in development.

It was revealed that they wanted another 10 years in the Transformers franchise so they got 9 writers together and put them together in a room to write. 

And he even expressed interest in directing one of them. If he thinks it’s good enough to direct, you know it’s good.

3. Bumblebee will have his own show!

Image: screenrant.com

Calling out to fans of our favourite Transformer, Bumblebee: you’re going to see him become the star of a spinoff in 2018.

Not only will the settings be in the 1980s, expect him to sound younger than he does now. What I’m really curious about is if he will be talking, or it’ll be the same: via radio pitches.

4. Heroes Become Villians

Here’s something to get you really hyped up about the movie. Optimus Prime seems to be the baddy in this movie. 

In the trailer, he was seen fighting against Bumblebee, and he apologised before he launched the final blow. What’s going on? Do you know? Aren’t you excited for it?! I know I am.

5. The reason why the Transformers robots just won’t leave Earth alone

Another question that the movie is planning to address, is why our planet? This is the kind of question which you wouldn’t even think to ask, but the moment you hear it, it stays on your mind.

Thank you, Transformers, now I’ll always be distracted wondering…out of thousands of planets in the cosmos, why us?

Thank you.

6. The writer who wrote for Transformers 5: The Last Knight also wrote for Ironman

The original screenplay writer the production team wanted was Ehren Kruger but he couldn’t accept the job because of conflicting schedules and prior commitments.

In the end, Matt Holloway was chosen to write the screenplay for Transformers 5 as well as a movie spin-off in the future.  

Yes, he was the one to write the screenplay for Ironman as well. So if you loved that, chances are you’ll love this. And there’s more!

7. Steven Spielberg as Executive Producer

Image: dreamworksstudio.com

Steven Spielberg, yes, that Steven Spielberg, is one of the executive producers for the movie. 

If you love his movies, you can expect to see some of his influence in this one, which is going to be great! 

8. The Male Lead is the Guy From Ted I and II

Image: businessinsider.com

Love Ted? Then you’ll recognise Mark Wahlberg. He’s going to play the role of Transformers 5 lead actor, Cade Yeager.

In 2014, he was offered the role but he rejected it. He only accepted the role when he heard that Michael Bay is going to direct the movie. 

9. You can be sure the plot is going to be confusing AF

Image: hollywoodreporter.com

The first four Transformer movies is a blast, but when it comes to the plot, it’s confusing AF. Expect the same thing for this movie as well.

Because if Anthony Hopkins who plays Sir Edmund Burton in The Last Knight couldn’t understand the plot himself, you know it’s going to take some amazing brainpower to make sense of the entire thing.

But really, who goes to a Transformers movie looking for plots? It’s all about robots, guns and actions, isn’t it?

10. The trailer is awesome!

‘Nuff said. If you’re a true-blue Transformers fan, you’d have watched it. If you haven’t? You’re missing out. 

The movie will be out in cinemas here on 22 June 2017. Time to jio your movie kakis out liao! 😉

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