10 Mediacorp Celebrities to Follow in IG ‘Coz They’re the Real Influencers

In this digital era, it’s so easy to check out what your favourite celebrity is doing. Who needs to physically follow them around the whole day when their lives are all over social medias?

To help you to keep up with our local celebrities, we have come out with a list to follow on Instagram. In case you’ve forgotten who they are in Mediacorp, their pictures will be popping up in your feed in no time.

1. Christopher Lee (李铭顺)


Christopher’s Instagram is flooded with his love for his family, especially his wife, Fann Wong. He sure loves her a whole lot!

2. Fann Wong (范文芳)


Take a look at her Instagram. How does she still look as flawless as ever?

3. Zheng Ge Ping (郑各评)


Ge Ping’s Instagram features both his love for fitness and his fellow celebrities. I mean, damn… Look at those muscles.

4. Zoe Tay (郑惠玉)


Zoe looks amazing. Her Instagram features snippets of her life, where she posts pictures of her vacation, her celeb friends, as well as her modelling photos.

5. Tay Ping Hui (郑斌辉)


Cool and classy, Ping Hui seemed to have developed his own sense of style as he ages.

6. Pan Ling Ling (潘玲玲)


Pan Ling Ling and husband Huang Shi Nan’s love story extended to her Instagram as well. It’s really sweet to see the couple spending quality time together!

7. Shaun Chen (陈泓宇)


Shaun Chen’s Instagram is pretty sweet, filling up with pictures of his family, especially his daughter. Look at how cute she is!

8.  Ann Kok (郭淑贤)


Fun Fact: Ann Kok has a Korean name; 곽서현. Her Instagram features lots of pretty selfies as well as snippets of her life.

9. Qi Yuwu (戚玉武)


Currently based in Beijing, Yuwu updates part of his life with his wife, Joanne Peh, on his Instagram, as well as snippets of his life.

10. Joanne Peh ( 白薇秀)


Joanne updates her Instagram on her daughter, affectionately known as “Baby Qi” on Instagram regularly. You can see both her beautiful face and her beautiful children’s faces – that’s killing two birds with one stone!

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