10 Misconceptions Girlfriends Have About NS That Should be Debunked

NS or National Service is something that the females in Singapore are clueless about. When guys talk about NS, girls tend to listen with wide-eyed wonder and remain clueless about what the guys are actually talking about.

It is common for them to shut out the conversation after a while because they have no idea what is going on. In the worst case, females have misconceptions about NS and then spread them around as if these were true.

Here are 10 misconceptions about NS that should be debunked.

1. You will be tekan left right centre by your officer

Put this idea aside – officers are not allowed to tekan servicemen of a lower rank no matter what the reason may be. There is a law to protect all servicemen and any officers who are caught ill-treating servicemen will be severely punished.

2. The food is really bad

Well, do not expect Michelin level cuisine, but they are hearty and edible. In fact, they are also free. A normal meal consists of a 4-course cai png, soup and dessert. Halal and vegetarian options are available too. Add in the fact that you are tired and hungry, you would have gobbled up any food that is placed in front of you without having to think twice.

3. You will have bad sleeping environment

You may not enjoy the air-con like you do at home, but you are not sleeping in caves! There is a proper bed (you do not have to share), a sizeable wardrobe with mirror, and ceiling fans which you are entitled to turn up to the maximum level. It is not as comfortable as you would like it to be, but seriously, when you are tired after a day of workout, the last thing you care about is how soft your bed is.

4. You cannot Whatsapp your girlfriend

Wrong! Smartphones are permitted in camps now so ladies, take this idea off your head. Your boy will still be able to WhatsApp you and you can send your selfie to him anytime you want to. Just be prepared to wait until he is free to reply your message. Do not get angry if he is not replying within the next minute.

5. You cannot go home for 2 years

Guys, it is NS, not prison. The only mandatory period where you cannot go home is during your BMT – Basic Military Training. Even then, you still get to go home on weekends. It is not the end of the world and usually, you will be treated like a king whenever you go home – because mummy misses you.

6. You must be bald for 2 years

No man-buns and dreadlocks for sure – but who says you must be bald for 2 years. The only time you need to go “stark naked” is during the BMT period. For the rest of the NS period, you just need to keep your hair short.

7. You can trust nobody in camp

On the contrary, you will probably meet your best buddy in camp who will stay with you for the rest of your life. When you start to plan how to avoid duties and responsibilities together, the bond between you and your bunkmates strengthen like a diamond. Nothing can cut that apart after your 2 year period unless you cut it off yourself.

8. You will become stupid after 2 years of not using your brains

Nobody demands that you shut down your brains for 2 years. Military training asks you to obey orders, not to stop thinking. You are also using your brains when you are planning how to avoid duties right?

9. You get to use weapons all the time

If you think that firing weapons is the most glorious thing about NS, you think wrong. Most of your time will be spent on less exciting stuff like collecting your rifle, cleaning it from barrel to butt, learning safety drills and so on. The most exciting part of shooting is probably the 15 minutes where you get to aim at the target board with your rifle.

10. You are free as a bird after 2 years

Nope, you are not. You are required to serve reservist training for the next 10 years or until you are 40 years of age. You will need to pass a fitness test every year and return to camp for reservist at least once a year for a minimum of 10 year period.

So there you have it ladies, the 10 truths that you need to know so that you know your boyfriends/husbands are not getting ill-treated “in there”.

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