10 Silly Reasons Why Girls Always Get Angry With Their Boyfriend, & It’s Not Because It’s That Time Of The Month

At some point in your relationship with your girl, you’d start wishing you were a mind-reader. It’s like every step you take is making your bae boil.

How are you going to figure out what’s going on in her head?

Worry not, as we’ve compiled the top 10 reasons that get you in trouble. It’s got nothing to do with the monthly visits. You know what I’m talking about.

Image: i5.asn.im
Image: i5.asn.im

She Found You Checking Out On Your Ex

Yes, you’re guilty for going through your Instagram or Snapchat to see what your ex’s been up too, and if she looks hotter than when you were with her. So stop doing this already. Or do you prefer to have your head bitten off?

You Didn’t Empathize On Her Problems

She had a s***** day, and you just nodded your head and continued playing Pokemon Go. Tsk Tsk. And you’re wondering why she’s staring daggers at you.

Image: quickmeme.com
Image: quickmeme.com

Your Texts Were Too Short

She just split her entire office saga to you with 20 WhatsApp texts, and your reply to that? “Same”. “It’s OK lar.” Wanna die ah?

No Flowers?

She tells you how she’s not a flowers person, and yet she’s bummed that she’s the only girl in the office who’s not got flowers. Ever. So just ignore what she said and send her a bunch already!

You Didn’t Notice Her Changed Look

She just highlighted her hair and got a manicure done. You look at her like she’s the same person and don’t pass a compliment. Now that’s a death sentence waiting to happen!

Image: policymic.com
Image: policymic.com

Too Much Friend Time

Your weekends are spent hunting for Pokemons and shooting loops. All she wants is a quiet dinner and a walk around Marina Bay afterwards. Increase your quality time with her instead of just a few hours every other day.

You Didn’t Text Her Good Morning

Yes, your coffee can wait. Send her a cheesy text in the morning, and she’ll smile instead of wonder if you’re plotting on dumping her.

You’re Not Cuddling Her at the Bar

Yes, she likes going for drinks with you. What she craves even more is the small elbow touches, and your arm around her waist. Miss that and you’re a goner.

You Missed Texting Her While You Were Out Getting Drunk

She knows you’re out for a bachelor’s party with your buddies, and she’s worried sick about you getting drunk and passing out. Send her a message from time to time and even flirt a bit. Or face the hand.

Image: imgur.com
Image: imgur.com

She’s On Her Period, But…

Yes, she’s having that right now. And it was all okay until you mentioned that it’s what’s getting her agitated. Boy, did you just open a can of worms. Damage control is going to need a miracle.

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