10 Things You Can Do with Those Leftover Chili Sauces from Fast-food Restaurants

Somehow, fast-food restaurants always give us too many packets of chilli sauce that are more than what we really need. Then, moms will always tell us that we paid for the chilli sauce so we have to take them home.

And they will be kept in the fridge for ages because technically, no one will ever use it unless you are really out of chilli sauce at home.

With so many packets of chilli left in your fridge, here’s what you can do with them!

1. Chilli baked potato


Cut a potato into half and bake them. Then, scoop out the fillings, spread some cheese and drip the chilli sauce in. Put the potato fillings back and bake or another few minutes. It’s ready to serve!

2. Cheesy chips


Pour a bag of original flavoured chips into a pan. Spread cheese and chilli all over on top and bake it. You’ll be able to taste the crunch like you have never tasted before. Plus, it’s perfect for a mid-afternoon snack or a sinful supper!

3. Chilli egg benedict


Toast a slice of English muffin and spread some chilli sauce on top. Add your egg benedict on top. You can always put more chilli on top of the egg if you want.

4. Chilli and cheese omelette


Once the egg is cooked, top the egg with warm chilli and cheese, and even rice if you want. The cheese should melt from the heat of the chilli but you can always heat the omelette in the pan for another minute or so.

5. Chilli spaghetti


Top the cooked spaghetti noodles with heated chilli sauce and drizzle olive oil evenly. Then, top with parmesan cheese while hot to melt the cheese.

6. Chilli fries


Cut potatoes into strips. Add olive oil, pepper and salt to the potato and mix until the potato strips are evenly coated. Bake the potatoes until cooked. Then, top the fries with cheddar cheese and chilli sauce. Put the fries back into the oven just long enough to melt the cheese.

7. Chilli hot dog


Heat up a hotdog and place it in a hotdog bun. Drizzle the chilli sauce on top. top with melted cheese, onions and corn chips.

8. Breakfast scramble



Dice up some potatoes and mix it with crumbled tofu and cheese. Bake until cooked and drizzle some chilli sauce. Serve with tortilla chips.

9. Chilli broccoli


Steam the broccoli until cooked. Cover the broccoli with chilli and cheese and put it in the oven until the cheese is melted. This will taste best with the leftover chilli flakes from Pizza Hut! And if you have some leftover cheese, don’t hesitate to throw them in too! 

10. Chilli mac and cheese


After cooking the macaroni, top it with cheese and of course, chilli. Feel free to add in any other ingredients of your liking and bake it in the oven.

With these recipes, never throw away your packets of chilli or leave them till their expiry dates!

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