10 Weirdest Smartphone Casings That Make Good Birthday Gifts for Your BFF

If you and your BFF have been getting one another birthday gifts for the past decade, it’s probably time to switch things up a little by gifting them something better but weirder this time round. And I mean, if you feel bad about it, you can always top it off with something else or treat them to a meal because these phone cases aren’t expensive at all.

Here are the 10 weirdest smartphone casings that make good birthday gifts for your BFF!

1. The forever alone

Your BFF,”I want someone who can hold my hand through the good and bad times.”
You,”Say no more.”

Image: hercampus.com

2. Pet rock

Image: hercampus.com

I would name it Timmy.

3. The NSFW

Image: buzzfeed.com/

Let’s just admit that it’s a little NSFW yah. Best if you don’t let your boss see it if not thats will be awwwkward.

4. The gold digger

Image: buzzfeed.com

Seems like the perfect gift for that friend of yours who’s a gold digger.

5. The insect lover

Image: buzzfeed.com

We all have friends who have weird fetishes and hobbies. And if yours is a huge fan of collecting insects or scaring people with one, I’d say that this will be perfect.

6. The one who can’t get enough of chicken

Image: buzzfeed.com

We all have that one friend who loves eating meat a little too much, right? This is perfect for him or her.

7. The aspiring dentist

Image: buzzfeed.com

What better way to support your BFF’s dreams of becoming a dentist than with a phone case full of yellowish teeth? That’ll also serve as a good reminder for anyone who don’t like to brush their teeth regularly. 

8. The one who really loves gore

Image: pinterest.com

These are friends whom we love but will never understand.

9. The IT idiot

Image: pinterest.com

“No that’s not a plug, you silly!”

And by the way, what do you call a plug that needs charging?

10. The one who loves food a little too much

YouTube: FimoKawaiiEmotions

In this case, a pizza phone case is absolutely necessary. 

But in all fairness, while they’re weird, they’re unique as well. That means you won’t lose your phone in a sea of iPhones, or forget where you’ve placed it (because it would have attracted someone’s attention).

You’re welcome!

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