5 Important Steps to Take When Checking into a Hotel to Prevent Being Haunted

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Going on a vacation means one thing: you worry only about unimportant stuff like what to eat for lunch, what angle you should take for your Instagram and whether you’ll be seen as humble-bragging when you really want to brag.

But stories of how people have experienced ghostly encounters in hotels have been circulating online, and while they make a good conversation starter after the trip, you definitely won’t enjoy that during the stay.

If you’re someone who’s afraid of spirits and would like to play it safe (or even better: create a placebo effect to ease any fears), here are five things you should do before booking a hotel or once you’ve reached the hotel.

It could make or break your trip #justsaying

1. Book in Advance
Every hotel usually will have at least one room that is permanently vacant. No matter how full the hotel might be, they will not sell this room. It is believed that this room is reserved for “special guests”.

If you walk in and request a room, sometimes the receptionist might have no choice but to give you this reserved room, especially if you are insistent. If the staff say that there are no rooms available, just understand and look for another place.

You might need to pay more, but hey: you pay for that peace of mind.

2. Knock Before You Enter
This might sound ridiculous, especially if you know that the room is vacant. But this is just a sign to inform any unwanted guests in your room of your arrival so that they can leave. Knock and wait for a few seconds before entering. Don’t rush in.

3. Brighten Up Your Room
Upon entering, switch in all the lights and draw the curtains to let the sunlight in. This way, you will alter the mood of the room and also let any ghosts within that you will be staying there for a few days. And no, you won’t need to keep the door open for them to exit the room – they can go through walls, remember?

4. Arrange Your Shoes
Put one of your shoes upside down to represent something similar to that of the Chinese “Ying and Yang”. It is believed that this will protect you from any disturbances at night when there is the least activity in the room.

5. Put Stuff on Your Bed
If you are staying alone or if there is a spare bed or couch or chair in your room, put something on top of them. Don’t leave an empty space as this is believed to attract “them” to come share the room with you.

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