5 legit reasons why you should have an office pet in the workplace or you’ll suffer like siao

Companies are now more open to the idea of welcoming man’s best friends into the workspace. As much a phone call to an online florist can perk up your entire office with fresh flowers, pets are unrivaled motivators. Recent studies have also show that having pets in the office are beneficial to the staff working and here are the reasons why our furry friends are turning up for work too!

Lowering stress level

It is proven that dogs have the ability to influence the level of the hormone cortisol in humans which basically means our stress level. On one hand, a little bit of stress can help the staff in an office to push for better results but too much stress will have a negative effect on the mental health and ability to perform. This is why more and more people are opening their doors to pets!

Improving work productivity

A study done by Christopher Honts at the Central Michigan University has shown that the presence of pets can influence employees in a positive manner, by increasing their productivity. This is simply because pets can break the monotonous and ritualistic day. Playing with office pets even for a short period of time increases one’s motivation for work and productivity because the play time refreshes one’s mind.z


More love in the office

Having a pet in the office means bringing people in the company closer to each other. This is when an animal can come quite in handy – if you are looking for a way to create a team that can work cohesively together, an animal can lessen the tension or stress between colleagues. By increasing the chances of communication and interaction within a team, it will lead to a more efficient team.

Mood booster

Envision a dog running down the office hallway. Is that not cute enough to draw a smile on your face? Watching your office pet’s adorable antics will definitely put you in a better mood. Taking a short break with your furry friend boosts your morale and it will have you going back to your desk feeling more motivated to continue with work.


Convenience for pet owners

There are so many individuals out there who love their pets but cannot bear to leave them at home, or they have nowhere to leave them. Allowing pets in office is good company for your fellow colleagues. This way, you can come to the office and focus on your job without worrying whether your pet is fine at home. There many pairs of eyes in the office to keep a look out for your pet!

Pets definitely have a positive influence over the people in an office. The presence of a pet improves the relationships between colleagues and it makes the overall atmosphere of the office less tense!



This article is contributed by Nadia Jamal.

This article was first published on goodyfeed.com.