5 Shopping Malls That Even S’poreans Will Get Lost in Coz They’re So Big

Despite being a small country, Singapore has malls that are really huge. Malls so huge that even Singaporeans get lost in. 

Here are the 5 malls in SIngapore that are huge enough for Singaporeans to get lost in! Have you gotten lost in these malls too?

1. VivoCity

Image source: vivocity.com.sg

Located at Harbourfront, Vivocity is a mall familiar to most, if not all Singaporeans. No matter whether you are taking the monorail or walking into Sentosa, it’s likely that you’ve walked within the mall before.

The layout of Vivocity is pretty complicated for people unfamiliar with the mall, and because it’s directly linked to Harbourfront Centre, there’ll be times where you find yourself in it without knowing how you got there. 

And let me tell you, if you have a specific shop in mind you want to go to, chances are you won’t be able to find it without the help of the mall directory. 

2. The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

Image source: marinabaysands.com

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands is one of the largest luxury shopping malls in Singapore with a range of international luxury brands and emerging labels. 

This mall is huge enough to fit an ice skating rink in front of the food court and a waterway that can fit gondolas in the middle of the mall, along with a world-famous casino. 

Somehow, shoppers have difficulty knowing which level they are on as they are swarmed with shops and escalators and one of the hardest thing for Singaporeans is also finding the MRT station.

Here’s a tip, when in doubt, just head down.

3. Suntec City

Image source: sunteccity.com.sg

Suntec City is always the place to go if you are looking for somewhere more quiet to shop as compared to town areas like Orchard or Somerset. As Suntec City is surrounded by office buildings, it is a pretty quiet place to shop at especially on weekdays. 

However, this mall can be quite confusing as there are 5 office towers and also one huge convention centre. Shoppers often do not know which escalator leads to where and find themselves lost. 

Also, Suntec City is linked to three different MRT stations with different lines, further confusing shoppers as to which MRT station to go to.

4. Marina Square

Image source: marinasquare.com.sg

With four levels and one basement level, this shopping mall has different wings which confused many shoppers. The thing about this mall is that there are many different entrances and exits at different parts of the mall. 

If you leave the mall using the wrong exit, you can end up in an unfamiliar area. Then you got to go in and try again. 

5. Jem

Image source: newnation.sg

Located in the far west, this mall is populated by shoppers who find the town area to be too far away for them Not only is the mall huge with many brands you can find in town areas, it is also connected to Jurong East MRT station as well as Westgate, which is another shopping mall in Jurong East. 

While the connectivity facilitated many shoppers, many also find it confusing as they are unsure of where they are heading to, or if they are in a different mall.

While walking around these malls can be confusing, they are also the places to go to regardless of what you need to shop for or simply window-shopping around to pass the time. 

Featured image: singapore-guide.com

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