5 Things We Learnt About the Future From Singtel That Shows They’re Way Cooler Than We Think

I‘m going to bet that 75% of you currently reading this article is a Singtel user. Hands up, those of you who ever thought that Singtel is cool. Probably none.

But this article is going to change your mind. Calling them a telco is like calling a smartphone a telephone. It’s so much more than that. 

We were recently invited to join Young NTUC in a tour at Singtel ComCentre and oh boy, were we shocked.

5G network, robotics, Augment Reality, it’s like a wonderland for tech geeks like me. Here are 5 things we learnt from them during the tour about the future.

1. 5G is Waaaaay Faster Than 4G

Image: itgrunt.com

Are you excited for 5G? You should be, because, in the future, your mobile network will have the speed of 1Gbps. If you want to know how fast it’s that, you can stream a full HD movie in 11 seconds. 11 seconds!

I see seamless video streaming and amazing game-time in the future. Now if only they increase our data bundles too.

2. The Future Lies in Data Analytics and Cyber Security Specialists

Image: law.georgetown.edu

Forget about becoming a teacher or a doctor. The way to infinite riches (read: getting a job) in the future is to go into data analytics or cyber security. Singapore (read: the whole world actually) is facing a shortage of manpower in that area. Food for thought for those who are deciding on which course to go into for university. 

Yes, Singtel is looking to recruit people from these areas too. And for those who’s thinking, ah damn, it’s too late for me. I’ve got one word for you: SkillsFuture. Use it.

3. Their Augmented Reality Goggles Seems Like Something Out Of a Sci-Fi Movie

Image: designboom.com

Forget virtual reality, augmented reality is the way to go. Not only are you able to view 3D objects in the physical space, you can interact with it as well. Nothing, nothing, drives the point that the future is coming more than seeing someone tapping away at nothing in mid air, and seeing the device respond to his gestures. 

Pokemon GO has nothing on this when it comes to AR games. Trust me, nothing. If you’ve watched Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale, you’d know what I’m talking about.

4. Meet Singtel’s Wall-E, Possible Future Sales Assistant

Image: hdwallpapers.in / dudeiwantthat.com

Meet the Singapore, or Singtel version, of Wall-E. This could just be the sales assistant of the future. Why do we need promoters when everyone is savvy enough to go online and do their own research? Make a choice before even entering the shop?

It’ll roll up to you, show a simple video of a woman welcoming you to the shop, gives you options to choose from, and viola! You’ll proceed to the cashier to pay up. 

Cool? Yes, but scary? Definitely. 

5. Crime Fighting in Singapore

If you’ve been living in an older estate, you might have noticed CCTVs installed at the lift lobby to help the Police discover and react to crimes quicker. But a normal CCTV isn’t enough. Check this out.

Image: safeandsecurealarms.com

Check out CCTV version 2. It looks like a normal CCTV, but it is equipped with the capability to detect aggressive movements. Couple that with an acoustic speaker capable of detecting sounds of distress and you have a security system which will not only record the crime but alert the man sitting behind the CCTV screens. 

Sounds like District 7 the movie, doesn’t it?

Now if only they can solve the bad reception we get now and then. Now that’ll be awesome!

This learning journey to Singtel was organised by Young NTUC as part of their efforts to equip young Singaporeans with relevant skills and empower them in the workplace. With the coming of Singapore as a Smart Nation, embracing and harnessing the power of networks, data and info-comm technology, it is important that workers understand the impact of technology in the workplace.

This was aptly summed up by Labour MP Desmond Choo in his recent Budget debate speech. 

This year’s budget seeks to position Singapore to be “future-ready” to meet the challenges of a future filled with uncertainties and opportunities. Together with the Committee on the Future Economy report, it identifies how Singapore and Singaporeans can navigate the seismic economic and technological shifts. Being nimble and adaptable to change are the names of the new game.

He shared how Young NTUC has put into motion plans to help young workers navigate the new job landscape through programmes such as Young NTUC’s Career Network (YCN) programme and called for more support so that such programmes can be expanded so that Young NTUC can be a platform to help young workers be future-ready.  

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