8 Cartoons That 90s Kids Woke Up to Every Saturday Morning

If you’ve been paying attention to the cartoons today, you might be very surprised at what you see.

Back then, here wasn’t any Mickey Mouse club, and the cartoons we watched were strictly 2D.

If you’ve watched these 8 cartoons before, whether on Kids Central or VCDs, you’re old.

Powerpuff Girls

Yes, we were all wondering, if we got together some sugar and spices and managed to find out what chemical X is, will we be able to get our own superheroes? Our personal favourite is Mojo Jojo! Back then, baddies weren’t scary, just funny.

Pinky and the Brain

Who could forget the two lab mice who wants to take over the world, with one being incredibly dumb and the other super-scheming? And more importantly, everyone could sing the theme song back then.


Gotta catch ’em all was practically the catchphrase back then. Wasn’t it? Everyone loved Pikachu.


Some countries only aired the original series in the early 2000s, but we’ve checked with our writers in the office and those who were born after the 90s didn’t know about this amazing cartoon. We’re still arguing over whether road runner says beep beep or meep meep.


And who could forget the bunch of babies who kept making trouble?

X-men The Animated Series

The kids today might have X-men The Movie, but hey, we’re happy enough with our cartoon X-men.

Bananas in Pajamas

Everyone could sing their song. Bananas, in pajamas, were walking down the street. 


And we leave our favourite for the last. Education and entertainment all rolled into one. This cartoon was even better than science class!

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