8 Things to Do Before Booking in That’ll Make You Feel Better

Every guy in Singapore has this experience before; the crushing feeling of booking in to camp on a Sunday evening.

Most made it through the two years and ORD-ed beautifully, while others, not so much. Do you feel this way too?

Here are 8 things you got to do before booking in that will make you feel better about the coming week.

1. Make plans for the coming weekend

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One way to survive, well, anything in life is to have something to look forward to. Even when you enter the working world and so-called freedom, we work for that paycheck at the end of the month. 

Make plans with your friends to meet up and chill, or promise to bring your girlfriend to someplace special on the weekend. No matter what comes during the week, it’ll never bring you down. Unless you suay-suay kena extra and have to stay in on Saturday, that’s a totally different story.

2. Listen to the “Training to be Soldier” song

Do you remember back to when you first heard this song? You’ll probably remember this clearly because we had to sing this during our route marches. I’m not sure about you but when I first heard this, it made NS seemed so much better.

It reminded you of the purpose of giving up two years of your life and the fact that you’re not alone. 

3. Download Shows on your Phone

For most of us, time flies the slowest during admin time which is at night. During the day, your schedule is packed full of training and lessons, so much so that before you know it, the day is over. 

But at night, that’s a different story. Don’t have a girlfriend to text and while the night away? Never mind. You’ll be looking forward to the next free time you have to continue watching. Before you know it, you’re singing the book out song. 

4. Pick up a hobby

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Similar to the previous point, picking up a hobby or self-improvement project can help to while the time away. And to top it off, you’re not wasting your two years. Not as much as others anyway.

Just don’t pick up something like photography, or at least don’t do it in camp or you might just be taking pictures at the wrong places and end up with extras or worse, DB.

5. Set a fitness target

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There’s a reason why Singaporean guys are the fittest during their NS days. It’s not just because of the disciplined and physically active lifestyle you lead. You’re also surrounded by buddies who are motivated to join you in exercising.

Take this chance to set weekly fitness targets for yourself and work to achieve them before you book out. When you’re working for something, you’ll realise that time isn’t enough and before you know it, your deadline is reached.

6. Listen to ‘Ah Boys to Men’ Theme Song on Repeat

Ah Boys to Men was so popular in Singapore because it’s just so damn true, unlike DoTS. And it helps to highlight and acknowledge the things we give up (albeit unwillingly) for our loved ones.

Place this track on your music player on repeat on your way to camp. You’ll be raring to chiong sua after that.

7. Leave with no Regrets

Your weekend is precious and you won’t want to book in to camp with unfinished business. Do what you want to do and finish them before you have to go in.

If you wished you had spent more time with your family, stop going to chiong on a Saturday night and sleeping half your Sunday away. 

8. Remember it’s not going to be forever

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Two years is a long, loooong time. While it might not seem like much in the grand view of things, trust me, those who says aiya, two years very fast one are either trying to comfort you or has never been in NS before. 

But it’s not forever though. Just knowing and reminding yourself that such days will come to an end will make you pull through the rest of your days.

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