A #Foreveralone Male S’porean? Move to Latvia and Be Picked Up by Pretty Girls Instead.

Okay, for those who do not know where Latvia is, here’s a brief history lesson for you.

Basically, Lativa is a country in Europe that was settled by the Baltic tribes some three millennia ago and is one of the three Baltic States. It is currently bordered by Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, and Belarus, as well as a maritime border to the west with Sweden.

Other than their rich history, Latvia is also known for one thing: Their women. That’s right. For some reason, not that I am complaining, most of the women in Latvia are stunning.

If you do not believe it, here’s are a few photos.

Image: funnymalaysia.net
Image: thebest-tourist-destinations.blogspot.com

(Okay, I should probably stop spamming photos)

See? I told you so!

Anyways, the best is yet to come. According to some statistics done, the percentage of women is Latvia is higher than the percentage of men there. This means one thing: There is a shortage of males to meet the demand as requested by the females!

While more boys are born in Latvia than girls, the balance shifts dramatically in adulthood.

Apparently, the men there die younger, thus increasing the female numbers. In fact, for all the suicides there, 80% were men.

But why the men are all dying so early, you might wonder. The main reason should be due to Latvia’s transition into capitalism. Because of this, there is a huge pressure on the men to succeed financially and if they don’t, they start to get all depressed and start drinking and gambling. When that does not work, they commit suicide.

As for the women, they tend to be more resilient and are not afraid to ask for help as compared to the men there, so yea, this accounts for the huge difference in the numbers of women and men there, with the women slowly but surely dominating the country.

But because of the lack of men, some Latvian women have gone overseas to try their luck and with their beauty, with most of them succeeded in getting a man. But no worries, there are still a lot of women back there.

When it comes to picking their men (you might want to pay attention to this), Latvian women are NOT picky at all.

Surprisingly, their standards are pretty casual and as long as you look decent enough to them, you can score a Latvian girl.

So, to round off, if you are here griping about how Singaporean girls’ standards are so high, you can just pack your bags and fly over to Latvia, where you get the best of both worlds; Pretty girls with not so high standards.

Just make sure you are able to withstand the financial pressure there.

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This article was first published on goodyfeed.com in 2015 and revised on 14 July 2017.

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