A Ridiculously Simple Trick to Stop Your Glasses from Fogging & It Only Takes 5 Seconds

Staying in Singapore, where the weather is just ridiculously hot every season, it means that we love to pop into any space with air-con.

Thank goodness that all our buses and trains are air-conditioned, and there is also a shopping mall at almost every MRT station to stop us from melting.

However, for the short-sighted people who also wear glasses, it’s always super annoying when you leave a pleasantly cooling place and your glasses start to fog up.

This can be dangerous especially if there are renovations taking place at the area around you: You don’t want to be distracted by your foggy glasses while there are drills and potholes all around you that you can’t see.

Here’s the simplest hack ever to stop your glasses from fogging up with the condensation – it even uses things that you most likely already have at home!

Just use some shaving foam to rub and clean your glasses at home before you go out and poof – you’ll have anti-fog glasses for the rest of the day.

Image: Dean Drobot / Shutterstock.com

Cheap and easy, eh!

You can also use any kind of soap to clean your glasses, not just shaving cream – just that shaving cream can last longer and it’s cheaper. The whole idea is that this leaves a protective film that prevents water from condensing.

Of course, you have to do it daily because eventually, the film will be gone.

This trick can also be done on your mirrors at home, so that you can still see your clean and refreshed face in the mirror after taking a hot shower.

It can even be done on your car windows and sideview mirrors!

Now, if that’s not obvious enough, here goes: use a tissue paper or cloth to wipe off the foam. Don’t be an idiot and use a shaver, please.

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This article was first published on goodyfeed.com in 2016 and revised on 26 June 2017.

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Featured Image: Peter Gudella / Shutterstock.com

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