We Asked the Girls in Our Office What They Want for Val’s day

It’s 5 days to Valentine’s day, or even less than that if you’re planning on celebrating this weekend.

Guys, we hope you at least have an idea for a Valentine’s Day gift, if you hadn’t bought/made anything yet. Don’t worry, though. We’ve asked the ladies in our office the kind of gifts, or even activities, that they would appreciate.

1. Flowers

Image: proflowers.com

An oldie but goldie. This is one of the safest choices out there, and with good reason as well. A single stalk of rose is simplistic but graceful, and absolutely unpretentious. Other more adventurous or classy flower choices exist as well, and you can find out more here [link flower article].

Whether it’s a bouquet or a single stalk, flowers will definitely be appreciated, whether your girl is more old-fashioned or more hipster.

We received this response from some of the younger ladies in the office, surprisingly.

2. Chicken Nugget Bouquet

Image: uproxx.com

A modern spin on a classic. Instead of a fragrant bouquet of flowers, consider going for a fragrant bouquet of delicious chicken nuggets instead. This is, of course, depending on whether your girl is a foodie, like the colleague we got this answer from.

This one is very hipster and risky, and if you saw the viral news of a couple doing exactly this, there is definitely still a chance of succeeding with flying colours.

3. Money

Image: pinterest.com

If you’re really out of ideas, and somehow doesn’t know what your date likes, this one is apparently acceptable. If you hadn’t realised by now, girls also know we guys can be very bad at picking gifts. From one of our more experienced colleagues, it is totally fine if you give the gift of flexibility and have your date decide for themselves what to get.

4. Gift Cards

Image: giftcardkarma.org

If money seems too thoughtless or unromantic, there’s a slightly better alternative. Gift cards. You must at least know your date’s favourite stores, be it fashion or cosmetics, so this can totally work. Many of our colleagues actually said they won’t mind receiving gift cards, especially the younger ladies.

5. Something Handmade

Image: pinterest.com

This gift is the ultimate in thoughtfulness. Spend some time to make something yourself, like a nice card. According to another of our colleagues, a handmade card would make an excellent gift for Valentine’s day. Others have agreed as well, citing either their success with the gift, or their positive responses to receiving this gift.

6. Staycation

Image: aboutourism.wordpress.com

We actually only asked for gift ideas at first, but someone brought up the idea of a staycation. Apparently, this is very popular, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to enjoy the experience as well. The only drawback would be the price tag, but you can think of it this way: it’s a much cheaper holiday, and you just managed to plan a holiday and a Valentine’s Day date at the same time.

7. Ask them

Image: forbes.com

When you suck at picking gifts, just ask. Most ladies don’t even mind being asked, but just remember to do it before the actual day itself. I’m sure we don’t need to explain why.

There were actually studies that showed people don’t mind when asked what gift they would like to receive, contrary to the popular opinion that gifts must be a pleasant surprise. The great thing about asking is that you’ll never disappoint your date. After all, you got them exactly what they wanted, no?

We gave you so many tips for Valentine’s Day already, so if anything goes wrong it’s entirely on you. Don’t come and find me hor, I’ll be too busy having my hot date with Ben & Jerry.

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