Baskin Robbins Has Its First Vending Machine In Japan & It’s Located Outside A Toilet

When the weather’s scorching hot on the outside, the first thing you want to do is grab something cold and sweet. You’re need an ice-cream, ASAP.

The best choice that’s 10/10? Baskin Robbins.

Did you know that they even deliver online here in Singapore?

Well, here’s another fact that’s pretty fresh, and weird too. The ice cream company has opened its very first ice cream vending machine in Japan (well, they even have ramen vending machines, so it’s no biggie at all).

The weird part? Just outside a toilet!

Image: SoraNews24

Where It’s Located

There’s a service station at Aichi’s Prefecture on Kariya Highway Oasis, and it’s smacked in front of the mens area.

The good thing is, Japan is well known about how impeccably clean they keep their toilets. Yep, even public loos are no exception. There’d be hardly a bad whiff to get when you step into a toilet in that country.

Image: Twitter

BUT Why In Front Of The Toilet???

There’s been a bunch of conspiracy theories for the odd ice cream vending machine placement. For one, Kariya Highway Oasis is very, very famous for its luxurious toilets. Why not upgrade its luxury effect by having the Baskin Robbin’s machine there?

Then there’s another more realistic reason and if it is true, a damn clever idea. You know how when you go pak thor with your girlfriend, and then you’re ALWAYS done and waiting outside the toilet area first?

She’d take another 10 minutes at most, getting her hair adjusted, powdering her face, adjusting her makeup and rearranging the things in her handbag before she’s finally out!

So, instead of these fellas waiting around and browsing their phones, they spot an ice-cream machine and put it to good use by purchasing an ice-cream and eating it right there.

Wait, it gets even better.

When the girlfriend finally steps out, she sees her boyfriend taking a bite of Baskin Robbin’s ice cream (you know la, girls all damn sharp in these things what). So out of impulse, she’d want one too!

And the boyfriend, with his now-guilty look for being caught eating ice-cream on his own, will grudgingly buy her another cup to eat together.

Congratulations, Baskin Robbins. I mean, if they applied this concept in even just a few outlets here, their sales will go through the roof and to the moon!

Image: Twitter

What’s Available in the Vending Machine?

The flavours being sold at the ice-cream machine include caramel ribbon, chocolate mint, peach and mango as well as chopped chocolate. Yes la, got vanilla also!

I MEAN, imagine purchasing ice cream without having to talk to a human seller. No need to feel shy-shy if you buy three flavours at one go to eat ALL at one time.

It’s the perfect solution. Other ice cream companies might just catch wind of this genius idea, and get their own machines out soon.

Anyone wants to get a scoop of ice cream now?

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