Don’t Say Bo Jio: All-You-Can-Eat Oyster Buffet For Only S$39.80++

Yes, this includes freshly shucked Oysters and up to 12 different variations of Oysters for you to choose from.

From now till 31st October, you can indulge in an All-You-Can-Eat Oyster Dinner buffet “Oyster Indulgence 蠔好吃” at Buffet Town International Buffet Restaurant for only S$39.80++ on Weekdays and S$47.80++ on Weekends. The Oyster Indulgence 蠔好吃  is only available for dinner.


Some highlights of the Oyster Indulgence 蠔好吃 includes Freshly Shucked Live Oyster, Gratin Oyster with Garlic Cream, Gratin Oyster with Curry Sauce, Poached Oyster with Bacon Spinach Cream, Oyster Rockefeller, Oyster Omelette, Oyster Porridge/Oyster Mee Suah, Kim Chi Baked Oyster, Oyster Pizza, Oyster Baked Rice, Deep Fried Golden Oyster and Baked Oyster Puff which will be on rotation daily.



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I have already written it all down for you. Don’t say I bo jio ah.

Other than oysters, the buffet also includes a wide array of buffet selections and stations like Western, Japanese, Seafood, Teppanyaki, Local Delights, Crabs, Tempura and glorious dessert section – there really is something for everyone here.


Other than the buffet, you can also take part in the Oyster Shucking Challenge on Mondays to Thursdays where you can also walk away with S$2,888. Contestants are based on first come basis, only the first 5 contestants are accepted daily. And don’t worry, safety gears will be provided.


And I mean, even if you don’t win, you can also walk away with S$700 for the 2nd prize and S$300 for the third prize.

Not bad, right?

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