Don’t Say Bojio: $4 OFF 3 Weekend UberPOOL Rides This Weekend (Until 21 May)

Weekends are short.

I mean, when you compare the two days of weekend to five days of weekdays, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

So given how every minute counts during the weekends, you wouldn’t want to waste time travelling when you could be doing something else, right?

But you don’t have a car, and taking Uber, taxis or Grab all the time is going to be hell on your wallet.

Well, not this weekend because Uber has an awesome promo for you.

Image: Uber Facebook Page

Uber is kick starting your weekend with a bang. 

From now till Sunday 11.59 pm, apply the promo code ‘4WEEKEND’ and get $4 OFF your uberPOOL ride. The promo code is limited to 3 uberPOOL rides per account.

Select payment from the app menu > Tap Add Promo Code Enter ‘4WEEKEND’ and select apply.

Limited redemptions are available for this promotion so fastest fingers win, okay?

To unlock the code, you need to apply the code to your Uber account.

Now you can jio your friends to go some ulu place to makan liao!

Don’t say we bojio hor! ;D

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Feature Image: Uber Facebook Page

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