Don’t Say BoJio: Awesome FREE Promotions At Santouka Ramen Restaurant DAILY

If you ever ask anyone where are the Top 3 ramens in Singapore, the names that will most likely pop up will be – Ippudo Ramen, Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King and Santouka Ramen. So well, if you are a huge fan of ramen and if you are craving for good ramen anytime this week, we have some good news for you.

In light of the New Year, Santoka Ramen restaurant is giving you some special treats to you every day of the week! 

Yes, every day – well sort of if you don’t consider Fridays as a weekday!


On Mondays, Santouka Ramen is giving away a 50% discount off their famed Toronniku ramen! This is limited to 30 bowls a day, and even after the 30 bowls are sold out, you will also get a FREE potato salad! 

Tuesday + rest of the week

On Tuesdays, patrons will be entitled to free ramen toppings. On Wednesdays, a free Tamago ramen egg (it tastes amazing by the way) and on Thursdays, a free one piece Char shu!

The freebies on the other days might not sound like much, but trust me, they really do make up to a lot of food in a meal. Plus, they are all free so like they always say – mai hiam (don’t be picky) ah! 

Don’t forget to let your friends know and jio them for this amazing promotion now!

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