Don’t Say Bo Jio: CNY Buffet with Unlimited Crabs & Yusheng You Cannot Miss (16 Jan-11 Feb)

Chances are that if you’re a Singaporean, you’ll love crabs.

How does a Chinese New Year Buffet with unlimited servings of crabs and yu-sheng for the Rooster year sound to you? Together with a huge spread of delights with a chicky twist? 

Drooling yet? 

Known for their Ultimate Crab Feast, Plaza Brasserie at PARKROYAL On Beach Road is upping their game by introducing unlimited servings of yu-sheng and crabs into their Chinese New Year Prosperity Feast together with drool-worthy buffet dishes this Rooster year!

Don’t say we bojio eh!

Chinese New Year Prosperity Feast @ PARKROYAL On Beach Road

From 16 January 2017 to 11 February 2017, the “Chinese New Year Prosperity Feast” features their famous crabs (3 different flavours at any point in time), yu-sheng with fresh salmon, deep-fried chicken skin and salmon skin; Wings of Fortune (think fried chicken wings that come in Spicy, Soya, Garlic and Salted Egg Flavours) and more!

And that’s not the best part. If you book and pay in full before 15th January 2017 for their CNY buffet on the eve, first and second of the Lunar Chinese New Year (27-29 Jan 2017), you’ll enjoy 10% off the bill

That means if a family of four goes for the Chinese New Year Prosperity Feast on 28 Jan, you’ll only have to pay $62.80×4 for a prosperous spread!

First, Let’s Talk About the Yusheng

This year, PARKROYAL on Beach Road is giving a chicky twist to its new year offerings with deep-fried chicken skin! The yu-sheng also includes traditional ingredients and interesting toppings like fresh salmon and fried salmon skin.

Can’t get enough of it? Get another one then. And the best part? They serve it up according to the number of people at your table. Meaning, even if you are dining there with your boyfriend, they will serve just enough yusheng for two pax so you’ll have room for everything else! Not too bad eh, considering you’re not there for the yusheng, at least not totally.

Don’t miss out on these when you’re there!

For those who absolutely adore fried chicken wings, check out their Wings of Fortunes. Deep-fried, deliciously crispy yet not too oily,  the chicken wings comes doused in four different sauces – Spicy, Garlic, Soya and the all-time favourite salted egg yolk sauce.

Every bite into these babies was delightfully flavourful, with a delectable crunch you will not get enough of. Our pick? The spicy ones. As good as any Korean fried chicken speciality shops out there. 

Because, you know, 鸡年 must 吃鸡.

You’ve Heard of Buddha Jumping Over the Wall, but What About a Chicken?

Another highlight of the buffet would be the Chicken Jump Over the Wall – the restaurant’s rendition of the Buddha Jump Over The Wall. Because Rooster year, geddit? 

There’s nothing better to eating a sinful meal than washing it down with some good ol’ soup. The light but flavourful soup balances out the extremely sinful things you’ve eaten, and the dried scallops you find at the bottom are gems. Literally. 

Other must-try dishes include Braised Sea Cucumber with Roasted Pork, Boneless Duck with Eight Treasures, Deep Fried Pork Belly with Preserved Red Beancurd, Stir Fried King Prawns with Honey Rock Sugar – sounds like something your parents will love, huh?

You can find out more about the Prosperity Feast here!

The Chinese New Year Prosperity Feast is available from 16 January 2017 to 11 February at 12 pm to 2.30 pm for lunch, and 6 pm to 10 pm for dinner. 

Plaza Brasserie
PARKROYAL on Beach Road, Lobby Level
9500 Beach Road, Singapore 199591
Tel: 6505 5710

This article was first published on and written in collaboration with PARKROYAL on Beach Road.

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