Don’t Say Bojio: Crazy $1 Deals At Paradise Group For OCBC, Maybank & PGR Cardmembers

Say what you want about Singaporeans but there’s no one better than us when it comes to getting good deals for cheap. 

And we take our food seriously. So seriously that when BuzzFeed launched an attack on the ice-cream sandwich last year, pitchforks and torches were raised. Digitally, of course.

When we found out about the $1 deals happening right now at Paradise Group, we knew we had to share it with you.

1. $1 Tom Yum Soup with Sea Prawns (ParaThai)

Using fresh sea prawns, their Tom Yum soup is served in a pot for 3-4 pax. It’s spicy, sweet and fresh. Best of all, you can enjoy this at $1 with a minimum spending of $30. Sweet!


2. $1 Drink of Your Choice (LeNu)

With every order of noodles, you can now complete your meal with a drink of your choice. Choose either soft drinks like Coke, or go for the more exotic ones like fruit vinegar or apple black tea from Taiwan at just $1! (Only for OCBC, Maybank & PGR cardmembers.)

3. $1 Per 100G Sri Lankan Crab (Seafood Paradise)

Okay, we left the best for the last. Who doesn’t love crabs, right? Except for those who are allergic, and those who finds it troublesome to eat them (like me). But they’re pretty pricey, so we don’t get to eat them often.

Here’s a deal you definitely cannot miss out on. $1 per 100g of Sri Lankan crab with a minimum spending of $80. What a steal! This is so good it should be a crime. #LegitPun

4. $1 Braised Sliced Duck (Paradise Teochew Restaurant)

Spend a minimum of $50 and indulge in a tender, succulent moment as you weep over the fact that you got this at $1 instead of the usual price of $18. 

5. $1 Poached Rice With Assorted Seafood In Lobster Broth (Taste Paradise)

Okay, now things are getting a little bit heated up. How about a bowl of poached rice with assorted seafood in a creamy Lobster broth? And it’s big enough for 3 to 4 people. At just $1 with a minimum spending of $60. 

That’s like a 25 cents per pax, guys. #TooGoodtobeTrueButStillTrue

6. $1 Assorted Balls Platter (Paradise Hotpot)

Are you ready to eat some balls? #NSFW Sorry, guys, couldn’t resist. From springy handmade fishballs to soft bone pork meatballs, how could you resist sinking your teeth into any of them?

Now you can at just $1 with a minimum spending of $30.

7. $1 Superior Soy Seasoned Chicken (Canton Paradise)

Spend a minimum of $30 and get the chance to sink your teeth into Canton Paradise’s Superior Soy Seasoned Chicken at just $1. Oh, did I mention that Canton Paradise is having a 50% OFF Dimsum, Congee and selected Noodle dishes right now? #DontSayBojio

8. $1 Otak-Otak Fish Paste (Beauty in a Pot)

Inspired by the local otak flavour, the guys at Beauty in a Pot made their very own otak-otak fish paste. Try this for just $1 when you spend a minimum of $50. 

9. $1 Specialty Xiao Long Bao (Paradise Dynasty)

And of course, when it comes to Paradise Group, one iconic dish you’ll never forget is their multicolour xiao long baos @ Paradise Dynasty. Guess what? Spend a minimum of $30 and you can get your hand on these little beauties at $1. 

Terms and Conditions Apply

  • Valid from 20 Feb to 28 Apr 2017, for dine-in by Maybank, OCBC Credit/Debit Cardmembers and PGR members only.
  • Valid from Mondays to Fridays, excluding eve of/and PH.
  • Limited to one redemption per table per bill, splitting of bill is not allowed.
  • Not valid in conjunction with other discounts, promotions, vouchers or membership privileges.
  • While stocks last.Minimum spend amount is not inclusive of promotion item, and before service charge and 7% GST.
  • Minimum spend amount is not inclusive of promotion item, and before service charge and 7% GST.Price is subject to service charge and 7% GST.
  • Price is subject to service charge and 7% GST.Management reserves the right to amend terms and conditions of the promotion without prior notice.
  • Management reserves the right to amend terms and conditions of the promotion without prior notice.

You’re welcome!

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**All images from Paradise Group Website

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