Don’t Say Bojio: Enjoy $7 Off When You Take GrabTaxi This Week (10am-10pm)

This is too much. Literally. Grab is practically smothering us in so many discounts we can’t breathe. From happiness, of course.

There are two reasons why users prefer private-hire vehicles like Grab and Uber instead of going for traditional taxis. The convenience and the price.

Guess what? With GrabTaxi’s relentless promotions, they might have just levelled the playing field.

GrabTaxi (10am-10pm) Daily Promo

Convenience by booking through their app, and cheap because you get $7 OFF your GrabTaxi Fare.

Valid from 13 Mar 17 (10 am) to 17 Mar 17 (10 pm), book your standard cab through the app, pay via GrabPay (read: credit/debit card) and apply promo code ‘1010‘ and you’re good to go. 

Yes, it’s that simple! Just note that this is on a limited daily basis, so first-come-first-serve, okay?

When you combine this promo with their midnight $8 off promo (valid from 11pm-6am until 31 Mar), you can practically ride GrabTaxi at a discounted rate for most of the day!

So don’t say we bojio, okay? You can thank us later 😉

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