Don’t Say Bojio: KFC New Shoyu Sasho Chicken Will Have You Going ‘Oishii’ (From 15 Mar)

When it comes to fried chicken, we can all agree that KFC’s the real deal. No? Although their Bandito Pocket and Rice bucket really comes in a close second.

After KFC surprised us with the Umakara chicken (especially when they took it off the menu. We cried. We really did), we thought they could reach no higher. But guess what? This time they’re back, again with another Japanese-inspired flavoured chicken, the Shoyu Sasho chicken. 

And trust me, it’s looking pretty awesome right now. 

KFC Latest Chicken Creation

From 15 Mar 2017, for just $7.90, you can get yourself two succulent pieces of Shoyu Sansho chickens, a regular mashed potato and coleslaw, and a cup of Sjora Mango Peach to wash down the meal. 

Not enough for you? I get it. Top up another $1.60 to get the box instead. 

The box comes with two Shoyu Sansho chickens, a regular mashed potato, two chicken tenderstwo cheese poppers and a cup of Sjora Mango Peach to wash down the meal. 

It even comes in a family feast if you’re inclined to binge on all things shoyu

This is a limited time offer and not available at KFC KidZania, Sentosa and Singapore Zoo.

So don’t say we bojio hor! Time to head down to the nearest KFC for some Shoyu Sasho chickens. Satisfaction included.

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