Don’t Say BoJio: Long John Silver’s Latest Coupon Deals (8 Mar – 23 Apr 2017)

Do you like Long John Silver’s? Well, no matter whether you’re in love with their sandwiches, porridge, or the grilled and fried items on their menu, you’re in luck!

Heck, they even have buddy coupon deals where you can enjoy these savings when you bring another friend along with you! I mean, you can also order these meals on your own if you wish! 

Long John Silver’s Latest Dining Coupons

From 8th March to 23rd April 2017, simply flash these coupons at any of the Long John Silver counters! You can redeem this at any Long John Silver’s counter, except Singapore Polytechnic (all coupons) and Lavender V Hotel (for Breakfast items).

Also, if you are a wrap-kinda person, you can also get your hands on their latest addition to the menu – wrap sandwiches! These wraps feature battered fish enveloped with salsa, and herb mustard – the perfect indulgence for a heartening lunch or dinner! 

For more of these coupons, you can also visit the link here.

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**All images from Long John Silver’s Facebook Page

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Cassandra Tan

Cassandra Tan

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