Don’t Say Bojio: McDonald’s Launching Seoul Spicy Korean Burgers & Kimchi Shaker Fries (9 Mar)

Can’t get enough of everything Korean? Then you’ll be psyched to hear what McDonald’s, Singapore’s largest fast food chain (in fact, just call it the world’s largest and be done with it) has in store for you. Literally.

They’re hot, fiery and all-around bad boys, according to AsiaOne. 

Featuring the Seoul Spicy Chicken Burger and Seoul Spicy Beef Burger


On Thursday, 9 Mar 2017, McDonald’s is launching these Korean-inspired burgers on their menu in stores. 

The beef and chicken patty are paired with spicy Korean sauce which is made from fermented soybean and sesame paste. Other ingredients include soy sauce, chilli peppers, garlic and red paprika. 

Place them between two buns, add loads of veggies and bam! one Seoul Spicy Burger coming up. 

But that’s not all.

Kimchi Shaker Fries

You can’t call it Korean inspired if there’s no kimchi in the meal, right? Those who love the shaker fries series by McDonald’s, here’s one more for you to look forward: the Kimchi shaker fries.

Who knows, this might just be the shaker fries that finally dethrone Twister Fries as the King of Fries in McDonald’s.

But of course, we know the only other kimchi fries you can compare their fries to is 4Fingers because the kimchi fries in Chicken Up is ladened with meat, kimchi sauce and spring onions. #JustSaying


Other items launching together with the Seoul-inspired offerings includes the Peach McFizz

Image: greatdeals,sg

And Melon McFlurry with Coconut Jelly


So don’t say we bojio hor! Time to jio your friends out for some McDonald’s soon! Note that they’re on a while stock last basis.

안녕 (annyeong)! P.S, that means goodbye.

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