Don’t Say Bojio: New Sephora Outlet in Causeway Point Giving $100 Voucher on 21 Sept 2018

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Ladies, I feel you. I really do. I know it can be tough, not to mention expensive, to look good in Singapore.

One, the weather is so hot and humid it’s not easy to get our skin into the best condition. And two, it’s expensive AF.

Plus, instead of appreciating the effort you take to look good for your partner, they complain about having to wait hours for you to get ready instead.

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Ingrates, all of them. 

But I Have Something That’ll Cheer You Right Up

Yes, ladies! I have great news for you! For this month, you don’t have to spend a bomb on makeup products.

Because on 21 Sep, you can get your hands on free vouchers to Sephora. And I’m not talking about $10 or $20. I’m talking about $100 vouchers.


Sephora New Outlet Opening in Causeway Point

Everybody knows Sephora, right?

Okay, maybe not everyone since my manly colleague only knows GNC, but every lady knows Sephora, right?

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That’s the place you’ve gone to at least once to get your makeup for important occasions.

And for some guys, this is the place you accompanied your girlfriend to and stand around awkwardly with other equally awkward guys.

But disregarding all that, nobody can deny that Sephora’s a good place to get a wide range quality makeup products at affordable prices.

And now, Sephora has reached the northern shores of Singapore at Causeway Point.

They’ll be opening their newest store at Causeway Point on 21 Sep 2018. That’s a Friday, by the way, because you’re going to want to take leave when you hear what they have to offer.

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Amazing Gifts For Early Birds

The gift system they have in place can be described in four words: first-come-first-serve.

Be the first 100 people to queue up for the opening of Sephora at Causeway Point and you’ll be given a $100 voucher.

And for the first 101st to 200th customers, they’re giving you a consolation prize of $30 gift voucher.

For those who are unable to be the first 200, don’t worry because they’ve something in store for people from 201 all the way to 450.

You’ll get a surprise goodie bag.

Their promotional team will be at the site giving out wristbands from 11 am onwards on that day.

The number on your tag will determine the prize you get so set your alarm, have your breakfast at Causeway Point and go queue up like Mr Kiasu.

There’s no such thing as paiseh if $100 is on the line. #SpokenLikeATrueSporean

And that’s not all.

Gold Sephora Members Get Even More Perks

Are you a Sephora Gold Member? If you are, Sephora has decided to show you their appreciation for being loyal to them.

The first 50 Sephora Gold Members will receive a $100 Sephora Gift Voucher.

Plus, you get to enjoy a priority queue on the grand opening from 12 to 2 pm. In other words, you get the first pick of the spanking new stuff in the shop.


What are you waiting for? Time to get the girlfriends together and go shopping liao. After that, go into JB and have some good food.

Either that or get your boyfriend there with you to pay for your steals and carry them.

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