Don’t Say Bojio: Starbucks 1-For-1 Venti-Sized Beverage is Back Again! (15-17 May)

Given our fast-paced work life in Singapore, it’s no wonder that you need coffee to even operate in the morning.

Sometimes, mostly on Mondays, you need more than just good ole coffee to start your engines. 

Like any other typical Singaporeans out there, this never fails to wake you up and get you over your Monday blues.

That’s right, combining good deals and coffee, our two favourite things in the entire world. Check out what Starbucks, our favourite coffee house has to offer!

1-For-1 Venti-Sized Starbucks Drinks

Image: Starbucks Facebook Page

From 15-17 May (3-7 pm), make your way to the nearest Starbucks outlet near you to enjoy the promo.

Simply buy a venti-sized drink and you’ll get the second one FREE. The promo is limited to 2 orders per customer and the lower-priced item will be complimentary.

What are you waiting for? Time to jio a friend out with you for a tea break or da bao home some sweet treats for your family.

Monday blues gone liao, right? You’re welcome!

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Feature Image: Starbucks Facebook Page

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