Everything About the New Whatsapp Status Update That’s Like Snapchat

It appears that messaging apps are becoming more and more similar to each other. Whatsapp just got a major update that adds a new status tab beside your standard messaging tab. It looks and functions suspiciously like Snapchat stories and Instagram stories.

But it’s called ‘status’, so it’s totally different.

Check your Whatsapp now if it has just been updated recently. The tab is just there, along with a new camera button to the left, for Android users. iOS users just have the status tab at the bottom, but don’t worry, the difference is purely cosmetic. Everyone gets the same functions.

You Can Choose Who Gets to View Your Statuses

You can also control who gets to view your statuses. In the privacy settings, you can choose between My Contacts, My Contacts Except… and Only Share With…, so you can decide exactly who gets to see your narcissistic instant updates.

Viewing and Updating is Similar to Snapchat/Instagram

Speaking of which, these instant updates function a lot like Snapchat and Instagram stories. You view them by tapping on your friend’s newest update. You can also tap to pause, and swipe to move on to the next friend.

Updating your own status is similar as well. Just tap the camera icon, and start filming/taking pictures. You can record up to 45 seconds of video, which is significantly longer than Snapchat. You could also upload gifs, should you choose to do so.

This also disappears 24 hours after you update it, and has a view counter at the bottom so you can track how many people actually watched it, before it disappears.

There is No Screenshot Tracking

Unfortunately, there is no screenshot tracker, so anyone who can watch your status can take a screenshot, and you’ll never know. So watch out.

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