Facebook Fake Friend Have Already Scammed Over $14K in 3 Months

With everyone owning at least 1 mobile phone and having the Internet at the tips of our fingers these days, it’s no surprise if everyone you know owned a Facebook account. After all, Facebook has managed to work its way into our daily lives.

Though we all use Facebook to our advantage by staying connected with our friends and family, updating our profile with pictures, or even killing time by playing Farmville, it’s unfortunate that sites like Facebook are being used to catch victims in scams. 

 Just recently on 2nd December, the police announced that a new scam on Facebook has been circulating around, cheating victims between September and November.

A total of 7 cases and loss of $14,600, these victims fell into the trap where people who thought were their “friends” approached them on Facebook and said that they saw the victims’ names in a list of content winners. 

Unknowingly, these “friends” were fake Facebook contacts ready to cheat these victims. Aged between 44 and 67 years old, they were directed to pages such as FB Social Promotion International and Home Care Cash Grant, thinking that they have scored themselves some winning prize.

They were then asked to provide personal information and transfer a certain amount of money overseas before being able to claim their “prize”. 

The police have been notified of this scam and would like to advise the public on precautions that need to be taken. 

Think Twice

Be careful of any messages about prizes won, especially if you haven’t entered any contests or lucky draws.

Ignore Payment Requests

Avoid paying for any advanced “prize” or “winnings”. Winning a contest should not require any payment in advance.

Check Again

Double check and be more attentive to the person that contacted you about the contest. He/she may not be your actual friend as the account may be hacked or made up as a false identity.

All in all, do be careful of what’s out there and check thoroughly on all necessary information before taking an action.

Featured Image: techtimes.com
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Dawn Lum

Dawn Lum

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