This Guy ‘Faints’ In Different Parts of M’sia to Get Free Food & Drinks

There’s a reason why people don’t give as much money to needy people on the streets anymore.

It’s not because they’re getting unkind. It’s just that every time you give some money, you’ll be wondering in the back of your mind if he really needs it.

Just like this guy.

Meet This Man Who Faints at Unexpected Places

What’s the first thing you do when you see someone lying in this awkward position on the ground?

Oh my god! Is he okay? You’ll try to wake him up, right?

Then, what do you do next when he wakes up looking extremely confused, not knowing his name or even address? You ask for his IC, only to find out he has no IC or money on him. Out of concern, you bought food and a drink for him.

Because he might have fainted from hunger or dehydration.

You leave him, worried for his safety but unable to do much for him because you have things you need to do, you’ll probably give him whatever cash you have on hand in hopes that he’s able to find his family soon.

Because you still have that niggling guilt within your mind, surely there’s something more you can do for him, right?! What if it was my brother who was missing?!

So you log on to your Facebook account and do a shout out for him, hoping to help him return to his family.

Well, that’s when everything unravelled for this man who makes a living out of “fainting”.

Someone who had met with this man before pointed out that it was a con.

“He is a habitual conman. He’d act like he fainted at first. Then he’d forget his name after waking up, and he will never bring along his Identity Card. After you’ve bought food for him, he’d suddenly remember his name and where he lives. Then he’ll ask for RM20 to take a cab home. But you can be sure to see him at a cybercafe nearby after you give him the money,” another netizen said.” – Via Worldofbuzz

Cue dramatic music. Deng-deng-deng-deng~

From KL to Penang

Image: Google Maps

Like a concert tour, he’s bringing his art around the country.

He has appeared at a petrol station at Kesas Highway

He has appeared at Subang Taipan

Someone spotted him at Bukit Tinggi

Taiping people couldn’t help sharing about him

Even opposite a university

And finally, Penang.

He grew so famous that when people see him “fainted” on the streets, they won’t call the ambulance or try to help him.

Instead, they’ll take pictures of him and share it online.

You know what’s the saddest thing? He’s only in his early twenties. Aduiiiii.

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