The Haze Season is Back, Here’s What You Need to Know

Bad news everyone, it seems as of this morning, the haze is back. 24-hour PSI readings across the island this morning edged close to the unhealthy region of 100.

At the south side of Singapore, PSI readings reached 93. In the east, it was 86, north, 84. The west side got it a little easier with a reading of 61, and the central area was also high at 80.

According to NEA’s classification, a PSI of 51 to 100 in considered moderate air quality, and anything above 101 is unhealthy or even dangerous.

Reports indicate the PSI values have been slowly climbing since yesterday.

Reminder: physical activities should be reduced when PSI reaches above 100, and completely stopped once PSI goes past 200. Anything higher than 300, and it’s recommended to stay home.

As of now, there is no real reason to panic or start stocking up on face masks.

According to a Facebook post by the People’s Movement to Stop Haze group in Singapore, no significant fire hotspots have been discovered over in Indonesia over the past 72 hours, so it is unlikely that this sudden resurge of haze is related to Indonesia’s infamous slash-and-burn practises.

In any case, it is probably prudent to start watching out for any spikes in PSI readings these few days, and plan your activities accordingly.

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