Is Your Head Small? Take a Wefie & You Can Win a Nintendo Switch Bundle (Worth $669)!

Shopee’s online IT fair is holding a free giveaway of the latest Nintendo Switch! Let me tell you why you should be more than excited for this.

FIRSTLY, it’s the newest console bundle worth $669, which comes with two games, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and 1-2-Switch! This is some unprecedented value right here.

Participation is super easy as well! Simply take a wefie with everyone showing the Shopee App (Android or iOS), and post it in the comments section on Shopee’s Facebook Page post here. Then like and share the post, and you’re in!

Just in case the instructions are still unclear somehow, here’s an example below. For your info, the “angry” emoji (which is our boss, because he’s #foreverangry) and the NTUC Plus! soft toy aren’t considered people.

Image: Goody Feed office!

It’s as easy as that (Gong Yoo actually took a train to Bukit Batok to help us. Thanks, Gong Yoo).

One more thing: the more people you have in the picture showing the Shopee app, the higher your chances of winning! See if you can find enough friends to beat us, hehe.

Hint: look for people with smaller heads, so you can fit more people in the photo!

The giveaway ends on 19 March 2017, 11.59pm, which means you only have about one and a half weeks to gather your family and friends to win!

This article was first published on and is written in collaboration with Shopee.

Wen Xianda

Wen Xianda

Xianda plays way too much video games. Seriously, somebody should do something. Otherwise, he's either writing or looking for the next game. He doesn't see the sun much, unless it's for good food, the only thing that gets him out of the house.
Wen Xianda