Here’s How We Show Off Nowadays. You Might Be Doing It Unknowingly

Nobody likes a show off, but people still do it. If you think about it, it’s quite inexplicable how people refuse to understand showing off just makes people hate you more.

They should learn to be a little humbler, like me. I’m quite well known for being humble.

Anyway, it is also interesting how showing off has changed since the 90s, from comparing expensive luxury products to comparing whose stuff is cheaper.

Back then, it was all about showing off your wealth. Prada, Gucci, Coach, Rolex, and whatever other luxury brands of your preference, the more the merrier. People used to deck themselves out in all these accessories and clothing, then show it off, like a shiny leather-and-gold Christmas tree.

A casual-but-actually-on-purpose hey-look-at-the-time to bring some attention to the gold watch, or just name-dropping luxury brands everywhere during conversations, are the go-to methods of “accidentally” revealing just how much money you can throw away (the answer is always “a lot”).

Not today.

Though those who enjoy showing off their wealth still exist, they seem to be a rare breed nowadays. It seems we have started going in the opposite direction, and started showing off cheap stuff instead.

The point is no longer to show off how much disposable income you can throw at luxury goods, but how much skill you have in picking out the best deals possible.

Sure, the need to look good never left (or we’ll all be proudly wearing literal rags), but the competition is now about whose stuff cost less. That’s why Taobao is as big as it is now. You’ll sooner hear people talking about how their entire getup cost them less than $100, than people bragging about how just one accessory cost nearly 5 digits.

I could hazard a few guesses as to why cheap is king now.

One possibility could be how people hate the rich, and how they’re “always showing off”. Oh yeah, remember how I mentioned people hated braggarts? Turns out, people really hated braggarts. It’s coincidentally also the reason why people started humblebragging.

Hear that? Showing off your cheap stuff is a version of humblebragging. There. I said it. You’re humblebragging and you should be ashamed of yourself.

Also, luxury goods used to represent exclusivity due to the prohibitive prices. Extremely cheap stuff (that looks decent/great) can provide the same exclusivity if you can find some obscure and super-worth deal, with the bonus of spending next to nothing.

What’s not to love?

Or, you know, it could just be that we’re all flat broke nowadays. What’s the point of trying to get luxury goods when literally nobody can afford them, and everyone knows it?

God knows I’m broke.

I’m sure you’re probably all quite tired of your friends who keep showing off, be it luxury goods or great, cheap stuff. I’ve got a solution for you.

Get cheaper stuff than theirs.

You know what they say, if you can’t beat them, join them.

How? Everyone already knows Taobao is the place to go, but what if there was a way to easier navigate Taobao for the truly top tier deals? There is a way, and its name is SGshop. They can help you find legit and good deals, and help you deliver to Singapore too.

And most importantly, there’s either a 10% off (order via website) or 20% off (order via app) on shipping fees. With their prices being the lowest in Singapore (really, try it and you’ll believe us), you’ll be the winner in the showing off contest #justsaying

(Maybe only tell your friends about it after you showed off a little. Don’t wanna make them hate you too much, eh?)

This article was first published on and is written in collaboration with SGshop.

Wen Xianda

Wen Xianda

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Wen Xianda