Here’s Why You Should Pay a Visit to S’pore’s Latest Rum Bar, Bago

Welcome to Bago, the newest rum bar in Singapore. The owner, Mr Chris Morris, opened the restaurant cum rum bar to create an all-rounded Caribbean experience in Singapore.

Bago is an authentic Caribbean experience, complete with rum, food and a laidback atmosphere.

Here are some reasons why this new bar is worth visiting.

1. More than 150 types of rums for sampling

The selection ranges from British type rums from Jamaica and Guyana to French-style Rhums from Martinique and Haiti. Even Spanish-style rums made in Cuba, Panama and Venezuela are also included in the extensive selection.

Prices start at $16++ and can go up to $52++ for a 45ml shot. Bago also offers tasting flights for those who want to sample a few rums at a go. The flights range from $22 to $55 each.

2. Also, a nice long list of cocktails

There is also a nice long list of cocktails which you should give your attention to such as Planters Punch ($20) is named after the rum it is made with, and Rum Old Fashioned ($22) which is made with an Abuelo 12-year-old dark rum.

There is also the signature drink – the Morris ($27) – named after the owner of the bar, which is made with rum, coconut water and a stir of homemade cinnamon syrup.

3. The only rum bar to house a Caribbean-style restaurant

You can experience an all-rounded Caribbean experience, enjoying the food, the rum, and the atmosphere. Other rum bars in the city are unable to do that at the moment.

4. Platters for sharing

Bago also encourages liming. Liming is defined as the art of doing nothing while sharing food, drink and conversation. Therefore, there is drinks and food which are sharing sizes for a group of people who would like to try liming the authentic way.

The classic cocktail Fish House Punch ($180) can be shared among six to eight people comfortably and is a good way to chill out with your friends after a hard day’s work.

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