Heroic Dog Saw Car Moving Towards Child & Threw Itself at the Car #LikeaBoss

They say a dog is a man’s best friend, and every day, every dog lover/owner knows perfectly why.

For those out of the loop though, here’s a video that will prove to you once and for all why dogs are literally the best thing ever, and are basically all GOOD BOYS.

What a good boy. The dog in the video, who was watching over a small child playing on his tricycle, heroically stepped in front of a car approaching from the side.

Most human wouldn’t even do that, and they’re the same species as the kid.

Image: Facebook (UOK)

The dog immediately ran up to the car, and stood on his hind legs to stop the car from moving further. It’s probably physically impossible to say anything but “Awwww! What a good boy!”

However, some people have claimed this video is staged, or that the dog was merely going forward to greet its owner (the driver). But it’s a dog video, so who cares?

Dog video = cute = confirm go viral.

We couldn’t find much information about the video, as it is uploaded in a Facebook Page that uploads viral videos. 

So this is what I’m going to say (again): what a good boy.

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Featured Image: Facebook (UOK)

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