IKEA’s Hilarious Response to Copycat $2,150 Bag Wins the Internet

How does one identify real products from the fake ones? This has been the biggest question and issue ever since people started manufacturing fakes of real luxury products.

What if the problem was flipped? What happens if the “fake” was a luxury product, and the “real” thing was a cheap, mass-produced product?

Who becomes the fake one?

Of course, those questions were probably not on people’s minds when they saw Balenciaga’s new large shopper’s tote bag, selling at almost USD$2,150.

Image: balenciaga.com

They were probably just thinking about how similar it looked when compared to IKEA’s iconic large shopping tote bag, which costs about $0.99.

You know your design succeeded when even high-brow fashion designers “reference” your mass-produced product.

Image: huffingtonpost.com.au

IKEA, however, released an ad to aid shoppers in differentiating the real from the fake, thereby claiming the label of being the “real” thing before Balenciaga can.

Image: highsnobiety.com

Easiest way to identify: the signature rustle of the IKEA bag. It rustles, it’s the real thing.

And if you read on, it seems IKEA’s FRAKTA tote bag has quite a few advantages over the Balenciaga luxury tote.

It could carry more things, like bricks or even water, for one thing. It can also be cleaned with a garden hose, packed into a size smaller than a purse, and costs just about a dollar.

What’s next, Balenciaga? White leather versions of NTUC plastic bags?

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