Jay Chou & JJ Lin Spotted Filming in Jover Chew’s Ex-Turf

Image: Lee Wei Soong Facebook Page

If you were out and about yesterday at Sim Lim Square, you’d have spotted something even more awesome than Mew in Pokemon GO.

A wild Jay Chou and JJ Lin were spotted. And I’m not talking about fakes like the Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un impersonators that appeared in Singapore recently.

Image: bbc.com

I’m talking about the real deal.

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Sim Lim Square, as we can all agree, is Jover Chew’s turf.

Image: mustsharenews.com

Yes, he’s the guy that singlehandedly made Singapore appear on the world map for the wrong reason.

A video of a Vietnamese tourist going down on his knees went viral and put Sim Lim Square as the place not to go for tourists.

Jay Chou & JJ Lin Spotted in Sim Lim Square

On 11 Sep, Mandopop Princes Jay Chou and JJ Lin were spotted walking around the tech mall.

Following them were a crew of production team and adoring fans who can’t help following them as they go about their business.

Image: Lee Wei Soong Facebook Page

Jay Chou and JJ Lin are believed to be shooting a programme at Sim Lim Square.

Here’s a clip of JJ Lin trying to explain the layout of Sim Lim Square.


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就在我上班的地方,但我错过了。 #周杰倫 #林俊杰 #有缘再见

A post shared by 瑞祥 許 (@frayancorr) on

“The higher levels are for the pros.” Not sure if that’s true.

But given how JJ Lin seems to love gaming, he might just know what he’s talking about.

Jay Chou Could Be Staying Around Singapore For The Next Couple of Days

So will this be the last time you see Jay Chou in person? Maybe not.

Now, for the true-blue Jay Chou fans, I’m pretty sure you already know that he’s going to be performing in the Singapore F1 Grand Prix this year.

Image: singaporegp.sg

He’ll be performing on 14 Sep 2018 at Zone 4 from 10.20 pm to 11.50 pm.

So my boss, who’s a closet Jay Chou fan, was excitedly talking about how he’s (Jay Chou, not my boss) going to stay in Singapore for the next couple of days.

Weeeeeeell, he might. 

After all, it’s only two days till his performance. That and he had a new update on his IG account.

JJ Lin & Jay Chou Competing At Madame Tussauds

On 12 Sep, Jay Chou uploaded an Instagram video of him at Madame Tussauds. He was there with JJ Lin.

And they were comparing who had bigger eyes.

And JJ Lin won.

Here, you can watch the full video yourself below:


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哈哈 我來看你了 @jjlin 但到底誰的眼睛大呢🙄 哈哈 #madametussaudssingapore #singapore #madametussauds

A post shared by Jay Chou (@jaychou) on

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But then again, he might not stick around.

Last week, on 8 September 2018, he was spotted walking around Paradigm Mall (the new JB mall) and he was reportedly accompanying his wife.

She was spotted shooting an action film at Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studio.


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Tough work ! Tough look ?#actingtough #toughgirl

A post shared by Jen Wu (@hannah_quinlivan) on

So being the loving husband that he is, Jay Chou might just go back to Johor Bahru to accompany her if he has no schedule himself in Singapore.

In her Instagram post a day earlier, she said that she is shooting in Malaysia for two months.


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Shooting in Malaysia for 2month,every Sunday is our off day ! We love Sunday !😍

A post shared by Jen Wu (@hannah_quinlivan) on

You know what? For the first time in my life, I hope the jam at the Causeway is so bad, Ah Chou would just stay in Singapore for the next few days.


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